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Doughnut Worry, Big O Doughnuts Is Here With Plant Based Options In West Drive Neighborhood

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah –Β People in Utah take their doughnuts very seriously. Fortunately, the mother-daughter duo of Jess and Ally Curzon created a doughnut shop that will blow your mind.

Big O Doughnuts is its name and they use only vegan or plant-based ingredients to make their doughnuts. Yet, somehow they taste just like the doughnuts that are smothered in sugar!? I am still trying to wrap my head around how that all works, regardless, they are local and produce the best doughies (doughnuts) in town.

Soft, Chewy Doughnuts

Big O Doughnuts is a small, boutique cafe that plays classical French music over the speakers. They have a handful of sofas and coffee tables for you to enjoy a casual, quick bite to eat while you chat with friends.

When you walk through the front doors, you are bombarded with a bakery like shelf that is stacked with different doughnuts.

Their doughnut flavors change regularly, when I was there they had Cookie Dough Birthday Cake, Passionfruit, Blueberry Lavender, Maple Bacon Bar, Raspberry Jam Filled, Strawberry Lemonade, Key Lime Pie, Smores, Rose, Churro Cake and many more. You get the point, they do not lack in flavors.

We’re busy in the kitchen stocking the case with your favorite doughnuts! We open at 7am! What flavor will you be getting? 😍 #doughnuts

Posted by The Big O Doughnuts on Wednesday, May 15, 2019

After sitting down, we ordered nearly every doughnut, well, enough to fill two boxes.

I tried the Cookie Dough Birthday Cake, Blueberry Lavender, Raspberry Jam Filled, Passionfruit and the Bacon Maple Bar.

What is so impressive is that all of the doughnuts taste exactly how they are meant to. The Passion fruit tastes just like passion fruit. I love it.


Back to the action, the Cookie Dough Birthday Cake is this beautiful white icing doughnut splashed with sprinkles and filled with a round ball of cookie dough in the middle. It tastes exactly like a vanilla cookie dough birthday cake. Absolutely phenomenal. The chewy inside, combined with the sweet topping creates a party in your mouth.

The Blueberry Lavender is unique and original. Its beautiful purple top draws you in. When you take a bite, the first flavor you receive is the lavender. The lavender is the strongest taste from the doughnut, but just as it falls down your gullet the sweetness of the blueberry comes bursting out almost screaming at you to not forget there are blueberries in the doughnut.

Blueberry Lavender doughnut in the shop until 3pm or sell out!

Posted by The Big O Doughnuts on Saturday, June 22, 2019

Passion fruit. Ah, my favorite. Growing up in Australia, my favorite flavor of fizzy drink (soda) was passion fruit, so it is only fitting that my favorite flavor of doughnut is Passion fruit. The doughnut if fluffy, much like the others, although the taste is sweet, exotic and tangy. It is not overpowering, as you still get the taste of the beautiful and fresh dough.

We love a summer rainstorm! If you need a thunder bud we’ve got @thequeenstea Blue Tea, passion fruit doughnuts, and a good playlist. Come hang out until 3!

Posted by The Big O Doughnuts on Thursday, June 6, 2019

How does a vegan doughnut shop have a BACON Maple Bar, you might ask. Well, the bacon is vegan. It still has the crunch that bacon does, it also has the savory taste. Combine that with the sweet and soft maple icing and you may have the perfect doughnut.

Why You Need To Go

Big O Doughnuts are big on keeping the world alive. They provide paper straws and sell reusable straws. They give their customers a discount for bringing a reusable container.

If your furry friend (dog) is hungry, they also sell house-made vegan dog treats.

Since they launched, four years ago on National Doughnut Day (June 7th), they have expanded their styles and flavors drastically.


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I doughnut feel complete without you, Big O Doughnuts. 🍩🍩🍩

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Big O Doughnuts has options for people with soy, nut and gluten allergies.

Depending on what time of year that you go, will determine what flavors they have available. Every month is different and they generally rotate one flavor per week.

They also offer different size doughnuts. If you are not in the mood for a large, filling pastry you can choose a much smaller one to fill your sweet tooth cravings.


Big O Doughnuts recently moved locations, they now sit-in in the heart of West Drive district at 248 W 900 S.