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Mode Push - the American View of F1

Hosts Alex Kirry and Dan Jimenez embrace the explosive popularity of Formula One racing as it has captured a newer, American audience.   Buckle up for a weekly dive into race previews, race reviews, the championship fight, and driver drama.  It's all wrapped into an all-encompassing podcast dedicated to the highest level of motorsport that the new F1 fan and the veteran petrol head can both enjoy.  Welcome to Mode Push: An American view of F1! 
May 24, 2024

Imola Breakdown and Monaco Preview

The lux atmosphere awaits in Monaco as F1 goes to one of its most storied tracks and the drama of the 2024 season heats up.  With a more competitive front of the field, can M...   (31:14)
May 9, 2024

Miami GP Reactions and F1 Gossip

Hosts Dan Jimenez and Alex Kirry react to Lando Norris' monumental first win in Formula One in Miami.  In a weekend filled with tons of on-track and off-track drama, the Miam...   (33:53)
May 3, 2024

Miami GP Preview and The Wild F1 Driver Rumors

F1 returns to the U.S. this weekend for the first time in 2024 for the Miami Grand Prix.  Max Verstappen won the first two races in Miami the last two seasons and all signs p...   (33:30)
April 3, 2024

Australia Excitement Brings Hope for Japan Excitement

The Australian GP brought excitement via Max Verstappen's rare DNF that made everyone else on the grid feel like they may have a fighting chance to win a race this season.  C...   (34:51)
March 16, 2024

Saudi Grand Prix and The Whiz Kid Ollie Bearman

Max Verstappen and Red Bull's dominance continue with another one-two finish and Verstappen looking impossible to catch.  That could make for a boring race but the emergency ...   (30:56)
March 7, 2024

Bahrain Recap, Saudi GP Preview and F1's Off-Track Soap Opera

The drama off the track continues as Dan Jimenez and Alex Kirry try to make sense of the rumors swirling around the Red Bull Racing team since innappropriate allegations by Christ...   (31:43)
February 29, 2024

Christian Horner Cleared of Misconduct Plus Bahrain Race Preview

The first race of the intriguing 2024 F1 race calendar is finally here and Dan Jimenez and Alex Kirry are here ready to breakdown winter testing, 2024 season hypotheticals and, of...   (37:51)
February 8, 2024

Wild F1 Offseason News as 2024 Season is Around the Corner

Alex Kirry and Dan Jimenez host Mode Push as the 2024 season is now less than a month away.  One big story after another have rolled out of the garages on the F1 grid without...   (39:12)
November 22, 2023

The Full Las Vegas GP Experience

This week is a special episode of Mode Push with a breakdown of Alex Kirry and Carlos the producer's trip to the Strip of flashy Las Vegas and the very first (modern) Formula 1 ra...   (34:01)
November 15, 2023

Mode Push Goes to Vegas! LVGP Preview Special

This week, Mode Push has made the big time with a special preview episode of the podcast.  Alex Kirry is joined by co-host Dan Jimenez and Producer Carlos Fortun to preview t...   (32:49)
November 1, 2023

Mexico Grand Prix Reaction, Driver Rumors for 2024 and Brazil GP Preview

This week on the podcast, Dan Jimenez and Alex Kirry run through the wild Mexico GP that saw a bad crash in the first turn that took Checo Perez out of his home race in less than ...   (19:18)
October 27, 2023

Mexico Race Preview and Will Cadillac Become the Next F1 Team?

The Race in Austin proved to be one of the more exciting and controversal races of the calendar in F1 this season.  Max Verstappen is still unstoppable but with Lewis Hamilto...   (32:35)
October 15, 2023

Max Crowned Champion in Qatar. Where does he stack up with the all-time greats?

Alex Kirry and Dan Jimenez get together for another breakdown of the weekend at the Qatar Grand Prix where Max Verstappen is crowned champion for the third year in a rown and join...   (29:24)
October 5, 2023

Review of Japan GP and How Much $ Has Each Driver Cost Their Teams by Crashing?

Dan Jimenez and Alex Kirry are back in the lab working on ways to help America love the F1 world as much as they do.  This week Alex and Dan explore the amazing race that end...   (33:10)
September 21, 2023

Singapore GP Recap, Red Bull DEFEATED, Plus JAPAN Preview

There is so much going on in the world of F1 as Singapore brought us the most exciting race of the entire Formula One calendar, not just because Carlos Sainz and Ferrari put toget...   (31:46)
September 11, 2023

Italian GP Reactions Plus Singapore Predictions

Alex Kirry and Dan Jimenez jump into the week with a  late breakdown of Max Verstappen's record breaking 10th GP win in a row as well as how great of race it was in Monza.  Can ...   (21:15)
August 30, 2023

Max is Unstoppable in Holland and Italian GP Preview

Max Verstappen wins his 9th GP in a row in a really exciting Dutch Grand Prix that featured tons of rain, good and bad strategies and a podium that gives hope to possibly a really...   (25:38)
August 24, 2023

Dutch GP Preview plus How Much Does Each Driver Make in 2023?

Welcome back to the Formula One 2023 season! The summer break is over and Dan Jimenez and Alex Kirry are back in the saddle (cockpit) with a preview of the Dutch Grand Prix at Zan...   (34:04)
August 4, 2023

Belgian GP Recap and Half-Season Awards!

Hosts Dan Jimenez and Alex Kirry begin this week's episode recapping the final race before the summer break that saw, you guessed it, another dominant Max Verstappen win.  Red Bu...   (34:06)
July 27, 2023

Hungarian GP Review and Belgian GP Preview Double Dip

What did we learn at the Hungarian Grand Prix last weekend?  A lot.  Red Bull still has no equal at least when it comes to Max Verstappen's car.  We found out that McLaren's sp...   (29:31)
July 19, 2023

Hungarian GP Preview: Danny Ric Expectations

Alex Kirry and Dan Jimenez preview one of the season’s most anticipated races, the Hungarian Grand Prix.  Can Daniel Ricciardo slide smoothly into the seat at Alpha Tauri and m...   (33:10)
July 11, 2023

Amazing British GP and DANNY RIC IS BACK!

Dan Jimenez and Alex Kirry couldn't wait to breakdown this past weekend's amazing race at Silverstone.  Sure, it was another Red Bull win with Max Verstappen tightening his grip ...   (24:13)
July 7, 2023

Austria GP Review and Silverstone GP Preview

Alex Kirry and Dan Jimenez breakdown the semi-exciting Austrian GP with some interesting points finishers in the Sprint race as no one can crack the Verstappen code when it comes ...   (22:06)
June 30, 2023

Austrian GP Preview and More Hamilton Whining

Hosts Alex Kirry and Dan Jimenez are getting into the race weekend that should be a busy one in Austria.  The Red Bull home race will be packed with the Orange Army looking for t...   (36:27)
June 21, 2023

Oh, Canada! Verstappen is Unreal

Red Bull Ace Max Verstappen continues to tighten his grip on a Drivers Championship that is his to lose.  Dan Jimenez and Alex Kirry talk about yet another dominant weekend from ...   (24:21)
June 15, 2023

Canadian Grand Prix Preview: Is Mercedes Closing the Gap to Red Bull?

The F1 Grid is back in North America this weekend after another dominant win for Max Verstappen and Red Bull in Barcelona two weeks ago.  Alex Kirry and Dan Jimenez discuss the j...   (27:57)
June 1, 2023

Monaco Review and Spain Preview

A double dipper this week as we review some of the fun from an entertaining race in Monaco last weekend and look ahead to some of the expectations in Spain this coming weekend.  ...   (36:57)
May 26, 2023

Monaco Grand Prix and Lewis Hamilton Rumors

Lewis Hamilton is currently without a contract for next season at Mercedes so this week the rumors have been flying about the possibility of the seven-time world champ to go to Fe...   (29:34)
May 18, 2023

Interview: The StatMan of F1 plus, The Emilia-Romagna GP CANCELED

Dan Jimenez and Alex Kirry talk about the news surrounding F1 this week as devastating floods have canceled the Emilia-Romagna GP.  A special guest brightens the news of the canc...   (40:38)
May 11, 2023

Miami Grand Prix Review and F1 News

The Mode Push Podcast is back with a breakdown of the Miami GP, a few days late since Alex added a new baby and F1 fan to his family.  Alex and Dan talk about the finer points of...   (30:59)
May 4, 2023

Miami Gran Prix Preview, More Mercedes Whining

With the first American-hosted race on the 2023 calendar this weekend, Alex Kirry and Dan Jimenez discuss the ins and outs of the South Beach race that will go back to the normal ...   (27:39)
May 1, 2023

Can Checo Perez Really Challenge Max Verstappen?

The Azerbaijan Grand Prix is in the books and Sergio Perez showed the world a bit of dominance after securing both the sprint race title and winning the main race over the weekend...   (33:04)
April 26, 2023

A-I Ranks The Best F1 Drivers of All Time and Azerbaijan Race Preview

An actual race week is upon us! Hosts Dan Jimenez and Alex Kirry talk about the new sprint race format for this weekend in Baku.  Can Red Bull dominate the entire race weekend? ...   (30:04)
April 22, 2023

The Engineering Secrets to Red Bull's F1 Dominance

Welcome to Mode Push! This week, while we wait yet again for another race, Alex Kirry and Dan Jimenez talk about some of the latest F1 news concerning the latest on Ferrari's fail...   (39:46)
April 13, 2023

American Rookie Logan Sargeant's Long, Expensive Road to F1

With a longer than usual break until the next Formula One race, Dan Jimenez and Alex Kirry do a deep dive into Logan Sargeant's life as a rookie F1 driver.  Sargeant is looking t...   (31:29)
April 5, 2023

Australian GP, A Beautiful Disaster or Just a Disaster?

Never a dull moment in the world of Formula One.  Alex Kirry and Dan Jimenez try to comb through the mess that was the Australian GP at Albert Park.  Red Flags everywhere, contr...   (37:37)
March 30, 2023

Aussie GP Preview and The Problem with F1

Alex Kirry and Jimenez are ready for something different to happen in 2023.  Red Bull 1-2 isn't exactly the ideal for a sport that thrives on close races, standings and drama acr...   (27:57)
March 20, 2023

Saudi Recap: Can Anyone Catch Red Bull?

Max Verstappen goes 15th to 2nd as his teammate holds him off for Checo's 5th career victory.  Alex Kirry and Dan Jimenez discuss another easy 1-2 weekend for Christian Horner's ...   (34:10)
March 15, 2023

Saudi GP Preview, Drama at Mercedes and Ferrari

F1 has arrived at the second race of the season and Dan Jimenez and Alex Kirry guide you through the ins and outs on what could happen on the wild street circuit of Jedda.  We'll...   (32:17)
March 6, 2023

Winners and Losers of the Bahrain Grand Prix

Dan Jimenez and Alex Kirry have an actual race to breakdown! Bahrain was a mix of results and emotions.  For Red Bull, a dominant weekend by the team and the reining world champ,...   (30:05)
March 2, 2023

Bahrain GP Predictions, New Villains and Fantasy F1 Teams

The first race weekend of the year is upon us and hosts Dan Jimenez and Alex Kirry recap the final five episodes of a drama-filled season of Netflix's 'Drive to Survive'.  Are th...   (29:24)
February 26, 2023

Drive to Survive Recap 1-5, Winners and Losers of Testing

Mode Push are as giddy as you are for the start of the 2023 race calendar in mere days!  Before the final lights go out for the race, Alex Kirry and Dan Jimenez jump into the fir...   (32:07)
February 16, 2023

F1 Teams Reveal 2023 Cars, Ford goes racing again

Formula One fans, the wait is almost over for the start of the 2023 F1 season.  Every team has revealed their 2023 cars and with it, hopes of speed, aero and reliability improvem...   (31:34)
January 26, 2023

Cadillac into F1? Plus, Drive to Survive Trailer Reaction

With just over a month to go before the start of the 2023 Formula One season, hosts Dan Jimenez and Alex Kirry chat about the latest on the Cadillac/Andretti announcement that wou...   (31:11)
January 5, 2023

2023 is Here! F1 Offseason Changes that Impact the Grid

Happy New Year Mode Push Listeners...Hosts Dan Jimenez and Alex Kirry kick off the New Year with a new episode as we are counting the days for winter testing, new episodes of Driv...   (35:44)
December 2, 2022

How Much $$ Did the Top F1 Drivers Make in 2022?

Hosts Alex Kirry and Dan Jimenez begin the podcast talking about the latest F1 news including the resignation of Ferrari's Technical Director Mattia Binnotto who finally stepped d...   (30:53)
November 21, 2022

Last Race of 2022 Season Recap, Max Crushes Records

Max Verstappen wins the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix and extended his season win total record along the way.  Alex Kirry, Dan Jimenez and Carlos Fortun jump into the last race of the sea...   (20:16)
November 17, 2022

More Red Bull Drama, 2023 Driver Lineups and The Abu Dhabi GP

Welcome to the final race preview of the 2022 F1 Calendar.  The year has been a long one and with so many races, changes in the upcoming year's driver lineups and teams looking f...   (30:52)
November 13, 2022

Brazil Grand Prix Recap, Red Bull Drama, Mercedes Dominance

The Brazilian F1 Weekend was filled with as much drama, intrigue and exciting race storylines that we wish the Formula 1 grid raced here every other week.  Alex Kirry and Dan Jim...   (32:10)
November 9, 2022

How to Attend the 2023 F1 Las Vegas GP, plus Brazil Preview

This episode of Mode Push Alex Kirry and Dan Jimenez get together to try and figure out if it would be worth attending the 2023 F1 race in Las Vegas.  Dan speculates that the rac...   (30:52)
October 30, 2022

Mexico Recap, Lando Fires at the Media

The Mexico Grand Prix is in the books and Max Verstappen has won more races in an F1 race year than anyone ever! But what a boring race...Alex Kirry and Dan Jimenez lament what co...   (26:55)
October 28, 2022

Mexican Grand Prix Preview

The race weekend is upon us and the Mexican Grand Prix awaits the F1 grid in Mexico City. Can Red Bull be beaten? Is it Sergio Perez's weekend to win at his home grand prix? Alex ...   (35:34)
October 24, 2022

US Grand Prix Recap

This episode of Mode Push, hosts Alex Kirry and Dan Jimenez breakdown the exciting race that was the USGP.  A race that ended up being more action packed than almost any other ra...   (32:07)
October 21, 2022

Yee-haw! 'Murica Grand Prix and Red Bull Dominance

The United States Grand Prix is here and Dan Jimenez and Alex Kirry preview the race where European teams show up dressed like its Cowboy Comicon.  News surrounding the Williams ...   (35:02)
October 14, 2022

Red Bull Cost Cap Penalties and Predicting the Future of F1

Alex Kirry and Dan Jimenez get into the actual punishments (or lack thereof) that Red Bull could be facing after violating the F1 cost cap in its first year with such a financial ...   (34:50)
October 10, 2022

Max is Champion! But the Japan GP Was a Disaster

Alex Kirry and Dan Jimenez discuss the cluster *&$! that the Japan GP was.  After all the dust (and rain) settled, Max Verstappen is your F1 World Champion!  Despite the ama...   (35:31)
October 7, 2022

Japan Preview and Insider Tips on Attending a GP in Person ($$$)

Max Verstappen can wrap up the World Championship this weekend in Japan in Honda's backyard at Suzuka.  Will he do it?  The weather is looking ominous which could create a wild ...   (39:43)
October 3, 2022

Singapore Review, A Perez Masterpiece and Dimsum

Alex Kirry and Dan Jimenez bring you a review of a very exciting Singapore Grand Prix.  Dan is on the ground in Singapore and describes the sights and sounds of one of the most i...   (30:35)
September 29, 2022

Singapore GP Preview! Nascar v. F1, What's the difference?

Dan Jimenez and Alex Kirry are your guides to the Singapore GP this weekend and its a really special episode because Dan is in Australia en route to the Marina Bay Circuit in Sing...   (33:58)
September 23, 2022

The US will Have to Wait for the Next American F1 Driver

Mode Push today is an international edition as Alex Kirry is joined by his co-host Dan Jimenez from all the way across the globe as he gets some actual business done on his way to...   (39:09)
September 15, 2022

A Brief History of Mercedes AMG in F1 and the Sexy Sidepod

With no race on the F1 calendar this week and as the grid preps to head to Singapore for the end of the month, hosts Alex Kirry and Dan Jimenez are taking a few episodes to take a...   (38:19)
September 12, 2022

Max wins Monza and Safety Car Finishes Suck

Your hosts Alex Kirry and Dan Jimenez breakdown a rather sterile Italian GP.  No two ways about it, this was probably the most boring race of the year.  Max Verstappen proves th...   (30:31)
September 9, 2022

Monza Preview and Musical Driver Seats

The grid finishes the third leg of a European triple header with The Italian Grand Prix at historic Monza.  Can Ferrari break the streak of terrible streak of bumbled strategy an...   (31:57)
September 5, 2022

Dutch Grand Prix Recap, Lewis Hamilton Blasts His Own Team

Max Verstappen capped a dream weekend after securing pole position he drives to his 10th GP victory of the 2022 season and has, what feels like, an insurmountable lead in the Driv...   (33:38)
August 31, 2022

Dutch GP Preview, The Scoop on Porpoising and an American on the Cusp of an F1 Seat

How do you consume a Gran Prix weekend?  Do you watch every second of every practice session?  Maybe you only dip into the highlights of qualifying or really only watch the race...   (36:28)
August 28, 2022

Spa Recap, Verstappen looks unbeatable and Hamilton/Alonso Beef

Belgium is in the books and Max Verstappen's lead widens after an impressive Red Bull 1-2 finish at Spa.  Alex Kirry and Dan Jimenez review the race that was the 2022 Belgian GP ...   (26:01)
August 25, 2022

First Episode! Spa Preview

Meet Hosts Alex Kirry and Dan Jimenez who have embarked on a labor of love in the form of an F1 Podcast that is centered around both new fans and veterans to the sport in the U.S ...   (34:18)