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Swapping NFL Jersey’s Takes A Twist During COVID-19

SANTA CLARA, CA - NOVEMBER 05: Arizona Cardinals running back Adrian Peterson (23) and San Francisco 49ers outside linebacker Reuben Foster (56) pose for a picture after exchanging their jersey's with each other during an NFL game between the Arizona Cardinals and the San Francisco 49ers on November 5, 2017 at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, CA. (Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Having the NFL back this weekend was a welcome sight for anyone who wants to have some sort of normalcy during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Just relaxing and watching multiple games over the weekend was a great distraction.

Yet, despite having the NFL on our television sets there were a few things that looked different. One tradition that is on pause right now is the swapping of jersey’s after the game, mimicking what soccer has done for years.

However, COVID-19 has made this formerly simple swap at midfield a no-no. Now to trade a jersey it requires a process that includes postage, a specific laundry detergent, emails, and more.

What is quite ironic about this decision to mail jerseys instead of in-game exchanges, is that these players were just playing the game of tackle football that requires physical touching. Plenty of NFL players expressed their feelings on the rules update.

Just Keep The Tradition Alive

The swapping of jerseys is a new thing and KSL Sports Scott Mitchell wishes this was more a tradition when he was playing in the NFL because said he would have been all over this and Mitchell played during an era of some all-time great quarterbacks.

“I not only wished I had it for more than just guys like that played my position. Of course, that would be cool,” Mitchell said.” I mean you’re talking Dan Marino, Jim Kelly, John Elway, Steve Young, Joe Montana, Brett Favre, and Troy Aikman. There’s a lot of really good quarterbacks in my era that I would have loved to have had jerseys from.”

As for the exchanging through the mail, Mitchell really likes that idea better because who really wants a sweaty and gross jersey to take home with them. It would be so much nicer to have a crisp clean jersey sent to you.

“I like the idea of the whole swapping the Jersey thing through the mail. I really do. Take care of it on a Monday, there’s plenty of time to deal with and take care of the jersey swap.”

This is a one of a kind tradition and for the NFL to allow it yet in a unique way is a good move on their part even if it takes multiple steps and some legwork to make sure the jersey swap does happen.

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