What Made The Scott Mitchell, Herman Moore Combination So Special?

Feb 9, 2022, 11:11 AM
4 Oct 1998: Wide receiver Herman Moore #84 of the Detroit Lions in action during a game against the...
4 Oct 1998: Wide receiver Herman Moore #84 of the Detroit Lions in action during a game against the Chicago Bears at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois. The Bears defeated the Lions 31-27.

SALT LAKE CITY- One of the most explosive offenses in NFL history is the 1995 Detroit Lions with wide receivers Herman Moore, Brett Perriman, and Johnnie Morton; and Scott Mitchell as their quarterback.

The team also had one of the best running backs in league history with Barry Sanders.

In short, this team was stacked.

Of those pass-catchers, it was Moore who led the way with 1,686 receiving yards and 14 touchdowns.

Moore joined Unrivaled, hosted by Mitchell and Alex Kirry, to discuss the good old days and how great the offense was that year.

Mitchell to Moore was a common phrase that year, the two had a special bond and knew when there would be a big play, even before the ball was snapped.

“We had an amazing chemistry on the field, and it was really fun to experience,” Mitchell said. “It’s really the guys that you play with it more than anything. We would look at each other on the field and in the moment I just knew I knew where he was going to go. I knew what he expected, and he knew the same thing. And so often we were able to connect and make a lot of big plays just having that relationship.”

Even though that team didn’t make it far in the playoffs, Moore’s numbers can be stacked up as an all-time great that should be considered for the Hall of Fame.

“I look at mine and I think back on some of the headaches and hiccups that I had at certain parts of my career,” Moore. “Especially in the last five years, that really took me from being what would I think to be a shoo-in for the Hall to now being kind of in Hall of Fame purgatory and that is because if you had another year or two of a certain statistics that would have gotten us there.

“The Lions and playing there definitely I don’t think helps. It’s tough to get in. Then also when you don’t have an organization that’s willing to push you, they have to get behind you as well,” Moore added. “That is definitely something I didn’t have there. I’m willing to wait my turn if it comes, and if it doesn’t, so be it. I’ve had a great experience, but I will say I’d be disappointed to go on the ballot and never be back on it again. I don’t know how that happens.”

A player doesn’t have to be on a Super Bowl-winning team or make deep playoff runs to be in the Hall of Fame but it certainly helps, especially if the numbers are close to another player who has had more postseason success.

Best QB To Play With?

Moore’s career success can not be denied, with both Mitchell and other quarterbacks in the NFL. However, he said the chemistry he and Mitchell had is what made them a special duo in Detroit, and he wouldn’t swap out Mitchell for any other quarterback.

“I could not have had a better quarterback than Scott, and they don’t understand as a receiver that once you develop the rapport,” Moore said. “As long as you got a guy that’s capable of delivering the ball and is able to have that confidence in you, that is what the chemistry of a successful passing combination or connection between receiver and quarterback.”


The NFL is now much more of a wide-open and passer-friendly league so there are players who have better numbers than Moore due to rule adjustments. When he retired in 2002, Moore was one of the best receivers in his era and was wrapping his career just as the league was throwing the ball more often so when comparing all-time stats, his may not seem as impressive.

However, when Moore was on the field he was making plays and was one of the great sights to see with all of those Mitchell-to-Moore touchdown passes.

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What Made The Scott Mitchell, Herman Moore Combination So Special?