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Position Groups To Watch During Utah’s Spring Game

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Utah’s Spring Game is often a showcase of what to expect come the fall. What position groups should you be keeping a close eye on?

Tom Hackett and Steve Bartle discussed in their recent episode on the It’s Utah’s World podcast.

Bartle’s Interest

Bartle referenced three position groups to keep an eye on.

First and foremost, he is interested in the quarterback play, specifically, the quarterback play from Charlie Brewer.

Brewer has been the talk of the town throughout Spring Camp. Head Coach Kyle Whittingham, along with fellow coaches and teammates, has referenced the impressive play from Brewer throughout camp. His accuracy, ability to read defenses and leadership has been talked about ad nauseam as the Baylor transfer transitions into the Utah offense.

The next position group Bartle will be keeping an eye on is the wide-receiver group.

“We know what we are going to get in Covey, Solomon Enis, and Jaylen Dixon to a certain extent, there is some interest there in terms of his absence from the game, but there is guys. Cain Savage is making the move from cornerback to receiver, he did play receiver in high school and was even offered a scholarship by Washington State to play receiver for them, if Washington State wants you as a receiver then you have some ability,” Bartle said.

Money Parks and Devaughn Vele were two other receivers that Bartle also mentioned.

Finally, Bartle is excited to see the offensive line. This year, the o-line is an experienced group that should be very productive. Over the years the offensive line has taken time to find form, however, with the experience that they return that should be no issue in 2021.

Hackett’s Hacks

Hackett will be fixated on one position, and one position group only. The offensive line.

For Utah to be a formidable player in the Pac-12 in 2021, the offensive line must be firing on all cylinders. Over the years, when Utah has played poorly, specifically in big games, Utah’s offensive line has failed them.

Against Oregon in the Championship game in 2019, the offensive line was eaten by the Ducks defensive front. The same occurred in the Alamo Bowl against Texas the same year.

With a good offensive line, Utah can be a problem in the Pac-12. Their quarterback needs time to go through his progressions and their running back core will rely heavily on gaps to exploit.

Offensively, Utah has the talent to score a lot of points in 2021. But if the offensive line cannot get on the same page, Utah will battle to stay relevant in the Pac-12 South.