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Former Utah Jazz guard Elijah Millsap (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
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Elijah Millsap Accuses Jazz VP Dennis Lindsey Of Racially Pointed Remark

Former Utah Jazz guard Elijah Millsap (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Elijah Millsap, a former Utah Jazz player has made an accusation on Twitter that Utah Jazz Vice President of Basketball Operations Dennis Lindsey made racially insensitive remarks towards him during an exit interview with the team.

Millsap played with the Jazz for two seasons beginning in 2014 and is the brother of former Jazz starter Paul Millsap.

“Almost 6yrs ago. On April 16, 2015, D. Lindsey made bigot remarks in my exit interview while conversing with Q. Snyder,” Millsap tweeted. “‘if u say one more word, I’ll cut your Black ass and send you back to Louisiana.'”

Millsap played two more games with the Phoenix Suns in 2017 before his NBA career ended.

The accusation was part of a thread of tweets discussing his motivation for speaking out.

“Bigot behavior is still very well present in our Country and should be exposed and expunged,” the thread began. “I believe “Truth” is the key to human evolution and must be shared to continually “Empower” the human consciousness of the people being oppressed.”

Jazz representatives told KSL Sports that “Dennis Lindsey categorically denies making that statement.”

Millsap’s official tenure with the team ended on January 5, 2016, when he was waived by the franchise, though he says his exit interview came several months later with the Jazz head coach in attendance.

After the Jazz victory over the Los Angeles Lakers on Wednesday night, Snyder said he didn’t recall the meeting or the comments.

“Honestly, I don’t remember the conversation,” Snyder said. “But I’d be shocked if — I can’t fathom Dennis saying something like that.”

Millsap spent one more season in the G League before finishing his career in Spain.

Lindsey has been an executive with the Jazz since 2012. He was promoted from General Manager to Vice President of Basketball Operations in 2019.