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Tom Hackett, Casey Scott Launch New Podcast Titled Dadtastic

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Are you a dad? Are you married to a dad? Regardless, there is a good chance you know of a dad out there, if so, do we have a podcast for you. Tom Hackett and Casey Scott have teamed up to produce a fun, entertaining podcast that is bound to keep you guessing.

Hackett, a married man with an infant and Casey, a divorced father of three, share stories on their lives as dads. They discuss the challenges of fatherhood, from trying to eliminate gophers from your back yard to not being allowed behind the grill.

Furthermore, they have created a concept called ‘Dad Hacks’, where they share tidbits of information with you to help make your day as dad a little easier.

Whether you are a dad yourself, a hubby trying to get into the mind of dads, or a future dad trying to prepare yourself for the challenge, the podcast will have you entertained and (hopefully) wanting more.

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Also, be sure to check out their social pages –
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