Every NBA Coaching Change During Jerry Sloan’s Tenure With Utah Jazz

May 26, 2020, 1:00 PM

Utah Jazz's coach Jerry Sloan during the NBA exhibition match between the Utah Jazz and the Chicago...

Utah Jazz's coach Jerry Sloan during the NBA exhibition match between the Utah Jazz and the Chicago Bulls at the 02 Arena, London (Photo by Anthony Devlin/PA Images via Getty Images)

(Photo by Anthony Devlin/PA Images via Getty Images)

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – When Jerry Sloan was at the helm of the Utah Jazz from 1988-2011, he was the longest tenured coach in major sports history when he resigned on February 7, 2011.

When Sloan resigned, the NBA had 245 coaching changes during the 23 seasons that Sloan was the head coach.

Sloan passed away on Friday, May 22 due to complications from Parkinson’s disease and Lewy body dementia.


Of the 245 coaching changes during Sloan’s tenure, 126 of them came from the Eastern Conference and 119 from the Western Conference. Those 245 changes included 9 coaches that are in the Basketball Hall of Fame as coaches. Those coaches are Don Nelson, Larry Brown, Bill Fitch, Pat Riley, Phil Jackson, Lenny Wilkens, Rick Pitino, John Calipari and Chuck Daly.

While Sloan was the head coach for the Jazz, three players or coaches who were with Sloan at one point in time went on to be the head coach of a team during Sloan’s tenure. Former players Marc Iavaroni and Larry Krystkowiak were head coaches in the late 2000s. Iavaroni was the Memphis Grizzlies head coach from 2007-09 while Krystkowiak coached the Milwaukee Bucks during the 2007-08 season. Longtime assistant coach Kenny Natt had a short stint as the head coach of the Sacramento Kings during the 2008-09 season.

The Los Angeles Clippers had the most coaching changes during that span with 13. 10 NBA teams made at least 10 coaching changes during Sloan’s Jazz stint. The team with the fewest coaching changes was the Houston Rockets with 3.

Here is every coaching change in the NBA from December 12, 1988 to February 7, 2011.

The List

Western Conference

Dallas Mavericks

John MacLeod, 1987-89
Richie Adubato, 1989-92
Gar Heard, 1992-93
Quinn Buckner, 1993-94
Dick Motta, 1994-96
Jim Cleamons, 1996-97
Don Nelson, 1997-05
Avery Johnson, 2005-08
Rick Carlisle, 2008-Present

Number of coaching changes: 8

Denver Nuggets

Doug Moe, 1980-90
Paul Westhead, 1990-92
Dan Issel, 1992-95
Gene Littles, 1995
Bernie Bickerstaff, 1995-96
Dick Motta, 1996-97
Bill Hanzlik, 1997-98
Mike D’Antoni, 1998-99
Dan Issel, 1999-01
Mike Evans, 2001-02
Jeff Bzdelik, 2002-04
Michael Cooper, 2004
George Karl, 2004-13

Number of coaching changes: 12

Golden State Warriors

Don Nelson, 1988-95
Bob Lanier, 1995
Rick Adelman, 1995-97
P.J. Carlesimo, 1997-99
Garry St. Jean, 1999-00
Dave Cowens, 2000-01
Brian Winters, 2001-02
Eric Musselman, 2002-04
Mike Montgomery, 2004-06
Don Nelson, 2006-10
Keith Smart, 2010-11

Number of coaching changes: 10

Houston Rockets

Don Chaney, 1988-92
Rudy Tomjanovich, 1992-2003
Jeff Van Gundy, 2003-07
Rick Adelman, 2007-11

Number of coaching changes: 3

Los Angeles Clippers

Gene Shue, 1987-89
Don Casey, 1989-90
Mike Schuler, 1990-92
Mack Calvin, 1992
Larry Brown, 1992-93
Bob Weiss, 1993-94
Bill Fitch, 1994-98
Chris Ford, 1998-00
Jim Todd, 2000
Alvin Gentry, 2000-03
Dennis Johnson, 2003
Mike Dunleavy, 2003-10
Kim Hughes, 2010
Vinny Del Negro, 2010-13

Number of coaching changes: 13

Los Angeles Lakers

Pat Riley, 1981-90
Mike Dunleavy, 1990-92
Randy Pfund, 1992-94
Bill Bertka, 1994
Magic Johnson, 1994
Del Harris, 1994-99
Bill Bertka, 1999
Kurt Rambis, 1999
Phil Jackson, 1999-04
Rudy Tomjanovich, 2004-05
Frank Hamblen, 2005
Phil Jackson, 2005-11

Number of coaching changes: 11

Memphis/Vancouver Grizzlies

Brian Winters, 1995-97
Stu Jackson, 1997
Brian Hill, 1997-99
Lionel Hollins, 1999-00
Sidney Lowe, 2000-02
Hubie Brown, 2002-04
Lionel Hollins, 2004
Mike Fratello, 2004-06
Tony Barone, 2006-07
Marc Iavaroni, 2007-09
Johnny Davis, 2009
Lionel Hollins, 2009-13

Number of coaching changes: 11

Minnesota Timberwolves

Bill Musselman, 1989-91
Jimmy Rodgers, 1991-93
Sidney Lowe, 1993-94
Bill Blair, 1994-95
Flip Saunders, 1995-05
Kevin McHale, 2005
Dwane Casey, 2005-07
Randy Wittman, 2007-08
Kevin McHale, 2008-09
Kurt Rambis, 2009-11

Number of coaching changes: 9

New Orleans Hornets/Pelicans

Paul Silas, 2002-03
Tim Floyd, 2003-04
Byron Scott, 2004-09
Jeff Bower, 2009-10
Monty Williams, 2010-13

Number of coaching changes: 4

Oklahoma City Thunder/Seattle Supersonics

Bernie Bickerstaff, 1985-90
K.C. Jones, 1990-91
Bob Kloppenburg, 1991
George Karl, 1991-98
Paul Westphal, 1998-00
Nate McMillan, 2000-05
Bob Weiss, 2005
Bob Hill, 2006-07
P.J. Carlesimo, 2007-08
Scott Brooks, 2008-15

Number of coaching changes: 9

Phoenix Suns

Cotton Fitzsimmons, 1988-92
Paul Westphal, 1992-96
Cotton Fitzsimmons, 1996
Danny Ainge, 1996-99
Scott Skiles, 1999-02
Frank Johnson, 2002-03
Mike D’Antoni, 2003-08
Terry Porter, 2008-09
Alvin Gentry, 2009-13

Number of coaching changes: 8

Portland Trail Blazers

Rick Adelman, 1988-94
P.J. Carlesimo, 1994-97
Mike Dunleavy, 1997-01
Maurice Cheeks, 2001-05
Kevin Pritchard, 2005
Nate McMillan, 2005-12

Number of coaching changes: 6

Sacramento Kings

Jerry Reynolds, 1988-90
Dick Motta, 1990-91
Rex Hughes, 1991-92
Garry St. Jean, 1992-97
Eddie Jordan, 1997-98
Rick Adelman, 1998-06
Eric Musselman, 2006-07
Reggie Theus, 2007-08
Kenny Natt, 2008-09
Paul Westphal, 2009-12

Number of coaching changes: 9

San Antonio Spurs

Larry Brown, 1988-92
Bob Bass, 1992
Jerry Tarkanian, 1992
Rex Hughes, 1992
John Lucas II, 1992-94
Bob Hill, 1994-96
Gregg Popovich, 1996-Present

Number of coaching changes: 6

Eastern Conference

Atlanta Hawks

Mike Fratello, 1984-90
Bob Weiss, 1990-93
Lenny Wilkens, 1993-00
Lon Kruger, 2000-02
Terry Stotts, 2002-04
Mike Woodson, 2004-10
Larry Drew, 2010-13

Number of coaching changes: 6

Boston Celtics

Jimmy Rodgers, 1988-90
Chris Ford, 1990-95
M.L. Carr, 1995-97
Rick Pitino, 1997-01
Jim O’Brien, 2001-04
John Carroll, 2004
Doc Rivers, 2004-13

Number of coaching changes: 6

Brooklyn/New Jersey Nets

Willis Reed, 1988-89
Bill Fitch, 1989-92
Chuck Daly, 1992-94
Butch Beard, 1994-96
John Calipari, 1996-99
Don Casey, 1999-00
Byron Scott, 2000-04
Lawrence Frank, 2004-09
Tom Barrise, 2009
Kiki Vandeweghe, 2009-10
Avery Johnson, 2010-12

Number of coaching changes: 10

Charlotte Hornets/Bobcats

Dick Harter, 1988-90
Gene Littles, 1990-91
Allan Bristow, 1991-96
Dave Cowens, 1996-99
Paul Silas, 1999-02
Bernie Bickerstaff, 2004-07
Sam Vincent, 2007-08
Larry Brown, 2008-10
Paul Silas, 2010-12

Number of coaching changes: 8

Chicago Bulls

Doug Collins, 1986-89
Phil Jackson, 1989-98
Tim Floyd, 1998-01
Bill Berry, 2001
Bill Cartwright, 2001-03
Pete Myers, 2003
Scott Skiles, 2003-07
Jim Boylan, 2007-08
Vinny Del Negro, 2008-10
Tom Thibodeau, 2010-15

Number of coaching changes: 9

Cleveland Cavaliers

Lenny Wilkens, 1986-93
Mike Fratello, 1993-99
Randy Wittman, 1999-01
John Lucas, 2001-03
Keith Smart, 2003
Paul Silas, 2003-05
Brendan Malone, 2005
Mike Brown, 2005-10
Byron Scott, 2010-13

Number of coaching changes: 8

Detroit Pistons

Chuck Daly, 1983-92
Ron Rothstein, 1992-93
Don Chaney, 1993-95
Doug Collins, 1995-98
Alvin Gentry, 1998-00
George Irvine, 2000-01
Rick Carlisle, 2001-03
Larry Brown, 2003-05
Flip Saunders, 2005-08
Michael Curry, 2008-09
John Kuester, 2009-11

Number of coaching changes: 10

Indiana Pacers

George Irvine, 1988-89
Dick Versace, 1989-90
Bob Hill, 1990-93
Larry Brown, 1993-97
Larry Bird, 1997-00
Isiah Thomas, 2000-03
Rick Carlisle, 2003-07
Jim O’Brien, 2007-11

Number of coaching changes: 7

Miami Heat

Ron Rothstein, 1988-91
Kevin Loughery, 1991-95
Alvin Gentry, 1995
Pat Riley, 1995-2003
Stan Van Gundy, 2003-05
Pat Riley, 2005-08
Erik Spoelstra, 2008-Present

Number of coaching changes: 6

Milwaukee Bucks

Del Harris, 1987-91
Frank Hamblen, 1991-92
Mike Dunleavy, 1992-96
Chris Ford, 1996-98
George Karl, 1998-03
Terry Porter, 2003-05
Terry Stotts, 2005-07
Larry Krystkowiak, 2007-08
Scott Skiles, 2008-13

Number of coaching changes: 8

New York Knicks

Rick Pitino, 1987-89
Stu Jackson, 1989-90
John MacLeod, 1990-91
Pat Riley, 1991-95
Don Nelson, 1995-96
Jeff Van Gundy, 1996-01
Don Chaney, 2001-04
Lenny Wilkens, 2004-05
Herb Williams, 2005
Larry Brown, 2005-06
Isiah Thomas, 2006-08
Mike D’Antoni, 2008-12

Number of coaching changes: 11

Orlando Magic

Matt Guokas, 1989-93
Brian Hill, 1993-97
Richie Adubato, 1997
Chuck Daly, 1997-99
Doc Rivers, 1999-03
Johnny Davis, 2003-05
Chris Jent, 2005
Brian Hill, 2005-07
Stan Van Gundy, 2007-12

Number of coaching changes: 8

Philadelphia 76ers

Jim Lynam, 1988-92
Doug Moe, 1992-93
Fred Carter, 1993-94
John Lucas, 1994-96
Johnny Davis, 1996-97
Larry Brown, 1997-03
Randy Ayers, 2003-04
Chris Ford, 2004
Jim O’Brien, 2004-05
Maurice Cheeks, 2005-08
Tony DiLeo, 2008-09
Eddie Jordan, 2009-10
Doug Collins, 2010-13

Number of coaching changes: 12

Toronto Raptors

Brendan Malone, 1995-96
Darrell Walker, 1996-97
Butch Carter, 1997-00
Lenny Wilkens, 2000-03
Kevin O’Neill, 2003-04
Sam Mitchell, 2004-08
Jay Triano, 2009-11

Number of coaching changes: 6

Washington Wizards/Bullets

Wes Unseld, 1988-94
Jim Lynam, 1994-97
Bob Staak, 1997
Bernie Bickerstaff, 1997-99
Jim Brovelli, 1999
Gar Heard, 1999-00
Darrell Walker, 2000
Leonard Hamilton, 2000-01
Doug Collins, 2001-03
Eddie Jordan, 2003-08
Ed Tapscott, 2008-09
Flip Saunders, 2009-12

Number of coaching changes: 11

For more on the life and legacy of former Utah Jazz head coach Jerry Sloan visit kslsports.com/jerrysloan.

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Every NBA Coaching Change During Jerry Sloan’s Tenure With Utah Jazz