Everything Tyler Allgeier Said About His BYU Pro Day Performance

Mar 25, 2022, 4:37 PM
Tyler Allgeier - BYU Pro Day - NFL Draft...
BYU Football running back Tyler Allgeier at BYU Pro Day 2022 on March 25, 2022. (Jaren Wilkey/BYU Photo)
(Jaren Wilkey/BYU Photo)

PROVO, Utah – The headline athlete at the 2022 BYU Football Pro Day was running back Tyler Allgeier.

There’s a wide range of projections for the former BYU star

Allgeier didn’t run the 40-yard dash during Pro Day. He stayed put with his performance at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, which was a 4.65.

Tyler Allgeier Q&A after BYU Pro Day

Q: How did it go out there today for you?

Tyler Allgeier: “I felt like it went pretty well. You know, I just trained this off-season for this and I thought it went pretty well.”

Q: You have so much footage on tape. Do you think that’s more important than what you did here and at the Combine?

Allgeier: “This was just the icing on the cake right now to top it all off. Especially with a season that I had last year.”

Q: Tyler, why did you choose not to run the 40 after the Combine?

Allgeier: “Shoot, I’ll just stick with the Combine number, 4.60.”

Q: Does that mean you’re happy with the Combine number?

Allgeier: I was okay with it.

Q: What kind of feedback are you getting from teams? What are they telling you that they love about your game?

Allgeier: They’re pretty impressed with how I finished everything. Overall, it was just a great experience.

Q: What was it like today compared to the Combine?

Allgeier: It was a little similar. The Combine was a great experience as well. But, like I said, this just topped it off.

Q: You got to be here with four guys and Baylor threw as well. What was it like to be with them for this day?

Allgeier: “It was a blast, you know, just being on the field with them one last time. It was great. Those guys are all the team leaders, you know, they’ll be missed. But you know, we’ve got a lot of younger guys, especially coming up in this next BYU team. So, it should be good.”

Q: Whoever takes you, what are they getting?

Allgeier: “A football player.”

Q: A guy that can do it all?

Allgeier: Yeah, special teams, running back, whatever they need.

Q: Are you hearing at all from anyone where you might be going in the draft?

Allgeier: Nah.

Q: Do you feel like you said something with your play today that maybe you didn’t say on tape during your career here?

Allgeier: “I showed a lot that I didn’t do back in the season. Come into balance, come to balance, and come to cut, and show that explosion and burst.”

Q: Have you had a chance to think about where you come from? You were a walk-on linebacker just a few years ago; here you are, one of the top-rated running backs in the NFL draft. Have you had a chance to appreciate the journey?

Allgeier: “Hey, you know, it’s really just all glory to god. And just having family support and having coaches that believe in me ever since. Especially from my high school coach to my college coaches now. So just grateful for everyone.”

Q: What did your experience at BYU mean to you to get you ready for this level?

Allgeier: “Just really taught me literally right when I signed the paper when I came here as a preferred walk-on, you know, just put your head down and work. That’s really what I strived for. Once I got the scholarship, you know, alright, check that off the list, now I just get back to work and strive for more.”

Q: Have you talked to any BYU players in the NFL like Jamaal Williams that’s been through this to get you ready for what’s to come?

Allgeier: “I chatted him with a couple of times and Sione Takitaki and a handful of guys.”

Q: What have they told you?

Allgeier: “Shoot. Just be ready, you know. The fastest way to get on the field is just getting in that playbook. Just like in college, you have to gain the trust of the college coaches, and you have to especially gain the trust of the NFL coaches because it’s a business.”

Q: What was one of the more interesting questions you received from NFL personnel at the Combine or here at Pro Day?

Allgeier: “Honestly, it wasn’t as bad as everyone was saying, I know some guys were asked like ‘what’s better, an orange or an apple?’ I never got asked those crazy crap questions like that.”

Q: What becomes the next steps for you between now and the end of April at the NFL Draft?

Allgeier: “Just staying in condition and finishing what I started.”

Q: Did you have a favorite NFL team growing up?

Allgeier: “Because of my grandpa, he was a Colts fan. So you know, he’d be like, ‘Hey T-Bone, who’s going to win? The Colts or whoever?’ And I was like, ‘Uh man, I’ll give it to the Colts.’ Yeah, I’ll say growing up, the Colts for sure.”

Q: Have any teams shown particular interest in you?

Allgeier: “There’s a handful. You never knew who really has interest, you know, they could just be talking.”

Q: Have you talked to all 32 teams?

Allgeier: “I think so. Possibly. Shoot, who knows?”

Q: What kind of legacy do you think you’re leaving behind at BYU?

Allgeier: “Hopefully, a good one, shoot. Yeah, I would just hope to show that literally just putting your hard work literally just all the sleepless nights and you know, literally just comes to an end.”

Q: But the inspiration to other kids that might not get that scholarship right away and look how far they come, right?

Allgeier: “Just put your head down and get to work; long story short.”

Q: What ultimately led you to forego your remaining eligibility here at BYU to pursue the NFL?

Allgeier: “I just had two great years and thought I was ready for the league. So I believed in myself.”

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Everything Tyler Allgeier Said About His BYU Pro Day Performance