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Utah Football Driven By ‘Infectious’ Cameron Rising Personality

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Utah Football has a new quarterback at the helm, sophomore quarterback Cameron Rising from Ventura, California by way of the University of Texas has taken control of the quarterback position following the benching of Baylor transfer Charlie Brewer.

Rising is unlike most in today’s era of college football. He has shown the ability to withstand adversity. A year ago, after beating Jake Bentley in fall camp, he tore his shoulder apart within the first quarter of the season. He was subsequently sidelined for nine months. Then, this year he lost the job in fall camp to Brewer, but never altered the way he handles himself.

Instead, he became even more positive. On the sideline with the headset on, Rising was frequently seen talking to his fellow offensive teammates in an effort to generate some momentum.

Rising is different.

When you listen to any of his teammates talk about his charisma, you frequently hear about how positive he is regardless of the situation. That positivity has been happily accepted by the rest of the team following his addition to the starting role.

It does not matter what the score of the game is, how Utah is playing, or how many issues Utah has to fix, Rising is the ultimate optimist. After taking control midway through the San Diego State game, the entire Utah team remarkably transformed into a new beast.

How is that possible? Or better yet, why did that manifest?

The answer lies in between the ears of their number seven. When he took the field the entire game was quickly altered and immediately Utah found itself with answers.

Positive reinforcement is a powerful tool, as the television show, Ted Lasso has exemplified.

Rising for Utah is what Ted is for A.F.C. Richmond.