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zions bank basketball campus
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Jazz Practice Facility Gets Black And White Makeover

Player practice at the Zions Bank Basketball Center (Photo: Ben Anderson)

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – The Utah Jazz practice facility at the Zions Bank Basketball Campus has gotten a black and white makeover.

In photos posted on social media that have since been deleted by a local painting company, the court is shown with a new black and white theme, a change from the team’s traditional navy blue, green, and gold palette.

In the photos, a black and white Jazz note logo can be seen painted at the center of one of the practice courts, with another Jazz note painted near one of the practice facilities’ scoreboards.

Though the photos have been deleted from the company’s social media feeds, cached images of the project remain online.

The theme matches updates the team has made to Vivint Arena in the tunnels below the fan seating. The walls are adorned with black and white Jazz logos, as well as large portraits of players from the team.

Where else the Jazz plan to use the black and white color scheme remains unknown, however.

The team has not announced any major rebranding plans on the court, nor in their jersey design. The Jazz had five different jerseys last season including the Association (white), Icon (navy blue), Statement (gold), City (black gradient), and earned (green).

Meanwhile, part-owner Dwyane Wade has teased the idea of an updated look multiple times on Twitter.

When asked by a fan to return to the Jazz to their traditional purple coloration, Wade said the team had different plans.

“Now you know that would just be to typical and we’re anything but typical,” Wade tweeted. “We coming with some new fresh heat.”

But, fans concerned about a total separation from the team’s history may be in luck. Wade also explained he was a fan of the team’s retro look.

“There’s a different energy in Utah brother!” Wade wrote. “I want all the vintage Jazz gear (hint hint)”

The Jazz return to the newly renovated practice facility when training camp officially opens on September 28.