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Dwayne Wade of the Utah Jazz (Photo by Jason Koerner/Getty Images for LYFE Brand)
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Dwyane Wade Decked Out In Jazz Gear At Rams Season Opener

Dwayne Wade of the Utah Jazz (Photo by Jason Koerner/Getty Images for LYFE Brand)

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Dwyane Wade was decked out nearly head to toe in Utah Jazz gear while attending the season opener of the Los Angeles Rams.

Wade appeared in a Jazz hat and throwback mountain logo shorts alongside M Shadows, the lead singer of the band Avenged Sevenfold, and entrepreneur JJ Jones at the Rams game.

The superstar guard purchased a minority share of the Jazz in April of 2021 after developing a close friendship with majority owner Ryan Smith.

Wade and Smith are regularly seen together attending Jazz games, golfing, and even vacationing together overseas.

The Miami Heat legend took in the game from a luxury suite as the Rams defeated the Chicago Bears 34-14.

Jazz Fans Wowed By Wade’s Fandom

The appearance of Wade in Jazz gear continues to surprise the team’s fans. The guard often sports the team’s logo when he’s out in public, giving fans a familiar logo in an otherwise unfamiliar place.

Wade has even responded to fans surprised to see him decked out in Jazz clothing.

“There’s a different energy in Utah brother! I want all the vintage Jazz gear 👀(hint hint)” Wade tweeted after a fan applauded the owner wearing the team’s apparel.

While Jazz fans have been thrilled to see Wade so willing to embrace the state, not everyone in the superstar’s mentions have been as excited.

“Something wrong with the hat it’s isn’t a @miamiheat one 😢,” one poster wrote on a previous photo of Wade wearing a Jazz hat.

Wade will return courtside for the Jazz season when the team begins the regular season on October 20 against the Oklahoma City Thunder.