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Zach Wilson - BYU Football Pro Day
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Steve Young Says Former BYU QB Zach Wilson Is A ‘Generational Talent’

Quarterback Zach Wilson warms up during BYU's pro day in Provo on Friday, March 26, 2021. (Courtesy of Deseret News)

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Former BYU and NFL quarterback Steve Young believes that fellow former Cougar signal-caller Zach Wilson is a “generational talent.”

Young discussed Wilson and the NFL Draft during an interview with KNBR.

During the interview, the former Super Bowl MVP said that he believes Wilson is a once in a generation kind of talent.

“I believe he’s kind of a generational talent,” Young said of Wilson. “That’s more than just how he throws the football. It’s just his demeanor and his capabilities, even though he’s younger. I just, I really believe in the kid.”

Young said that despite Wilson’s youth, he believes the future rookie quarterback is ready to play in the NFL.

“I think he’s ready to play now,” Young said. “There’s gonna be some growing pains… but he’s ready to play. He’s a settled kid, he’s not going to be overwhelmed in a way.”

New York Jets or San Francisco 49ers

The majority of national mock drafts currently project Wilson as the No. 2 overall pick in April’s draft. The New York Jets currently own that pick. Recently, the San Francisco 49ers, Young’s former NFL team, traded up to the No. 3 pick.

Young was asked if Wilson is the Niners’ top choice for their draft pick.

“There’s no question in my mind that if they can figure out how to get back, that’s their number one first choice,” Young said. “I just don’t know how to get it done. The Jets have committed to Zach and recruited the family. I mean, I just I don’t know how that gets undone…. I think the Zach would love it. The family would love it. You know, nothing would make anyone happier. I think the 49ers that’s their unstated first choice, so that would be wonderful… they would love to have Zach.”

Steve Young talks Zach Wilson & Patrick Mahomes

Many NFL analysts have compared Wilson to Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes but Young looked at it from a different angle.

Young recently joined Hannah Storm on SportsCenter and talked about the San Francisco 49ers moving up to the No. 3 overall pick. Storm asked Young which quarterback fits the 49ers more, Zach Wilson or Ohio State QB Justin Fields?

“Patrick Mahomes came into the league, when he came out of Texas Tech,” Young mentioned. “He was a wild thrower. We don’t know exactly what we’re gonna get, he had to kind of settle down. Zach comes into the pros, he acts like Patrick Mahomes as a pro. He’s just so settled. He’s so present, he’s very spatially aware. There’s a lot of things that when you say ‘what his ceiling?’ In some ways, I have no idea. That’s the excitement of Zach Wilson. There’s nothing about him that you watch on film and go, ‘yeah, he’s got a ceiling here or there.’ It looks like there isn’t one.”

2021 NFL Draft

Wilson will find out which team he’ll play for during the 2021 NFL Draft in April.

The draft is scheduled to be held in Cleveland, Ohio from April 29-May 1. It will broadcast on ESPN and NFL Network.

Kyle Ireland is a Locals in the NFL Insider for and host of the Yards After College Podcast. Follow him on Twitter (@kyleireland) and Instagram (@kyleirelandksl).

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