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Kyle Kuzma (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
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Ingles, Kuzma Joke About NBA Oura Ring Tracking Device

Kyle Kuzma (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – The NBA is preparing to resume its season in Orlando, Florida. In total, 22 teams will travel to The Walt Disney World Resort. The league is seeking a secluded space to complete the season safely. To protect players from contamination, the league is offering players a smart Oura ring to track their health and safety. Los Angeles Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma and Utah Jazz guard Joe Ingles joked that the NBA might be outfitting players with a tracking device.

As the NBA hopes to keep contamination out of the bubble, it must prevent players from leaving. Though the league insists it won’t track those inside the bubble, not every player seems convinced.

“Look like a tracking device,” Kuzma tweeted over an image of the NBA’s Oura ring.

According to CNBC, the “smart ring” can measure body temperature, respiratory functions, and heart rate. Though the ring doesn’t test specifically for COVID-19, it can help recognize symptoms up to three days in advance.

The company’s website claims it can detect symptoms with 90 percent accuracy.  The NBA will outfit the players and staff with the rings. The league said participation is optional.

Ingles responded to Kuzma tweet joking that he agreed with the Lakers forward’s suspicion.

“Oh they tracking you for sure,” Ingles tweeted.

The ring isn’t new in NBA circles. Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love has endorsed the ring for helping him sleep better.

“I get to breakdown my sleep every single night,” Love said in a post from the company’s Instagram page. “So this is a great way to check in on that but also keep myself in check.”

The Oura rings retail between $300 and $400 according to the company’s website.