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Drug-Related Charges Filed Against 4 USU Student Athletes

Photo: Getty Images

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Criminal charges have been filed against Jordan Love, Gerold Bright and Sean L. Carter, all members of the Utah State Football team, for a suspected drug-related incident.

Charges were also filed against Elani Rice, a freshman track and field athlete at Utah State.

The charges were filed after the team had already left for their bowl game in Frisco, Texas. The team flew to Texas early Monday afternoon, according to the team.

The alleged incident occurred Saturday evening, according to charging documents. The charge is listed on the documents as possession of marijuana/spice.

According to Jeff Simmons, the assistant police chief in Logan, police were called and when they arrived they could smell marijuana. When they entered the room they saw several people inside smoking.

The three men face charges of one count of possession of a controlled substance and are set to be arraigned before a judge on December 30. The charge is a class B misdemeanor.

“We are aware that citations were issued. We have processes in place, both in Student Conduct and in Athletics, and we’ll follow our procedures, as we do in all cases,” read a statement from Tim Vitale, Associate Vice President of Communications for the University.

It is unknown if the charges will have any impact on the bowl game.

The Frisco Bowl was set to be Love’s last college football game. The junior announced last week he would be entering the NFL Draft.

Bright, the Aggies’ star running back, is a senior. Carter, who plays wide receiver, is a junior.