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Utah Jazz Gaming
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Utah Jazz Gaming Awarded 10th Pick In NBA 2K League Draft

Utah Jazz Gaming

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Utah Jazz Gaming were awarded the tenth pick in the 2020 NBA 2K League Draft following the league’s draft lottery.

Jazz Gaming participated in the third NBA 2K League Draft Lottery on Friday, October 4. The lottery took place at NBA headquarters in New York City.

Following a drawing process, it was determined that Utah Jazz gaming would have the tenth overall selection in the upcoming draft.

The lottery included 13 teams from the esports league.

Jazz Gaming had the eight best odds at winning the lottery. The odds were based on their 8-8 record from last season.

There were over 1,001 combinations from 14 ping-pong balls in the 2k League Lottery.

“The drawing process occurs in the following manner: All 14 balls are placed in the lottery machine and are mixed for 20 seconds; then the first ball is removed.  The remaining balls are mixed in the lottery machine for another 10 seconds, and then the second ball is drawn.  There is a 10-second mix, and then the third ball is drawn.  There is a 10-second mix, and then the fourth ball is drawn.  The team that has been assigned any combination of the first four numbers drawn will receive the number one pick.  The same process is repeated with the same ping-pong balls and lottery machine for the second pick and then again for the third pick. If the same team comes up more than once, the result is discarded and another four-ball combination is selected.  Also, if the one unassigned combination is drawn, the result is discarded and the balls are drawn again.  The length of time the balls are mixed is monitored by a timekeeper who faces away from the machine and signals the machine operator after the appropriate amount of time has elapsed.” – NBA 2K League

The 2020 draft will be announced by the league at a later date.

Jazz gaming had the first overall pick in last season’s draft after winning the 2019 lottery.

The team finished the 2019 season the 13th best record in the league out of 21 teams.

Utah Jazz Gaming is entering its third season as a franchise this upcoming season.

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