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Brian Dunseth Takes Pride In Calling Games ‘Down The Middle’

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – On the Mike Petke Coaches Show, the RSL head coach took over as the host and asked all of the questions to former host and team broadcaster Brian Dunseth.

Petke didn’t understand why his name was on the show but wasn’t the host. He wanted to take his turn as the show host and running the show his way.

The first question that Petke asked Dunseth was why he hated him and his team? Dunseth felt like it was a roast.

Anti-Homer Broadcaster

Most team broadcasters tend to call games in favor of the team that pays them to broadcast the games, point out bad calls against the team and praise the positive play as they happen in games. Dunseth isn’t a typical “Homer Broadcaster.”

“I hate listening to broadcasts where it was so evidently clear that what my eyes are seeing is not lining up with what I am hearing,” Dunseth said. “When you have an opportunity to educate a fan base, if you are creating a false scenario, you are losing that opportunity to educate a fan,” he added.

Dunseth has taken it upon himself to call the games how he sees it and not playing favorites to one team regardless if he is calling a game on national television or on the local RSL broadcast.

“Where I have been fortunate enough is by the way that I have called it, this club [Real Salt Lake] has been very understanding of why I try to call the game the way that I do,” said Dunseth. “I feel as though I have been really fortunate with my opportunities on national broadcasts because I try to call the game right down the midde,” he stated.

Coach Tossing Question Back

On the postgame show after RSL’s 2-1 home loss to the Portland Timbers, Petke joined the broadcast when Dunseth asked what Petke’s thoughts on the match was when the RSL boss threw the question back to Dunseth with “you tell me.”

“I never had a manager toss the question back to me,” Dunseth mentioned. “I was asked if I saw that coming and I said ‘no, that’s our relationship,'” he added.

Petke believes that any shortcomings that the team has, had to have something to do with him or his coaching staff.

Real Salt Lake will face the Colorado Rapids on the road on Saturday at 7 p.m. The match will be streamed on and the KSL TV app.