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Is BYU Looking To Create What The Saints Have With Taysom Hill?

Quarterback Jaren Hall looks to throw during BYU scrimmage Thursday, Aug. 16, 2018, at LaVell Edwards Stadium. Hall, a Maple Mountain High alum, moonlights on the BYU baseball team. (Jaren Wilkey/BYU)

Salt Lake City, Utah – At a recent scrimmage, the BYU Cougars football team displayed an offense that featured running quarterbacks, specifically with backup Jaren Hall.

Scott Mitchell, former NFL quarterback, said his first thought was that the Cougs may be looking to use Hall like the New Orleans Saints use Taysom Hill.

Hill, former BYU quarterback, just finished his second season with the Saints as an undrafted free agent. He plays multiple positions for the Saints that include quarterback, running back, tight end and specialist. He may be the most versatile backup quarterback in the NFL.

Hill had two touchdowns, but made a splash on special teams with a blocked punt and a few fake pass plays. He had a touchdown catch in the NFC Championship game.

Zach Wilson, BYU’s clear starting quarterback, did not participate in spring football following surgery to repair an old injury. Hall took most of the reps.


BYU Innovating With Jaren Hall?

This running, catching, throwing quarterback made Mitchell wonder aloud on his podcast, Rivals, if BYU is trying to create something similar with Wilson’s backup, Hall.

Hall is a dual sport athlete, playing on both the football and baseball team at BYU. Mitchell described Hall as a “stellar athlete.”

Mitchell thinks this “running quarterback” talk may be that the Cougars recognize talent in Jaren Hall and wants to use the talent in new, innovative ways even though their starting quarterback position is claimed.

“The minute I read this I thought, they are trying to do the same thing the Saints did with Taysom Hill,” said Mitchell.

Rivals Warning: Don’t Run Wilson

Jason Buck, former BYU defensive end and co-host of Rivals podcast, and Mitchell agree that they hope the coaching staff doesn’t want to attempt too much running game with Zach Wilson.

“You just can’t risk him, defensive guys will hit him hard and get as much as a shot on him as they possibly can” warned Mitchell.

Is BYU Lacking Depth?

Mitchell wondered if these hints at running quarterbacks could mean the team lacks depth at the running back position.

“Maybe they are a little nervous and trying to develop a quarterback to run,” said Mitchell.

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Listen to the full conversation below.

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