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Thurl Bailey has stories to tell. After more than a decade playing in the NBA as Big T for the Utah Jazz and Minnesota Timberwolves, Thurl has seen a thing or two. And he still has things he wants to learn. He's a musician, father, husband and friend and he's interested in talking with people. That's what he'll do each week on Thurl Talk: share his own life experiences and learn from the stories of others. Whether it's about his life on the court, behind a mic or sitting at the kitchen counter, count on getting to know the real Thurl Bailey and maybe learn a little something from his friends. Photo credit: Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News
June 4, 2021

Remembering the late, great Utah Jazz legend Mark Eaton with friends from around the league

In this week's episode, we remember and honor the late, great former Utah Jazz legend, Mark Eaton. We're joined by some of his former teammates as well as a few of his opponents to remember his impact...   (01:29:01)
October 27, 2020

Walter Bond on the importance of education, his book - Swim!, and why focus and mentorship can take you to the next level

In this week's episode, Thurl Bailey is joined by Walter Bond(Business Coach/Keynote  Speaker/Trainer/former NBA Player) to talk about growing up in Chicago in an "education first" household, why edu...   (33:00)
September 29, 2020

Dereck Whittenburg remembers Jimmy V, being an executive producer, his coaching experience, and helping others

Thurl Bailey is joined by Dereck Whittenburg(NC State - Associate AD, CEO of Dereck Whittenburg Productions) to talk about how NC State was always his first choice when contemplating which college he ...   (36:53)
September 22, 2020

Georges Niang on the Jazz/Nuggets series, social justice in the bubble, and finding his way in the league

Thurl Bailey is joined by Georges Niang (Utah Jazz - Forward | #31) to talk about learning from the loss to the Denver Nuggets in game 7 of the NBA playoffs, the pros and cons of playing without fans...   (38:17)
September 15, 2020

Stedman Graham on finding your identity, getting rid of labels, and why you need to adapt

Thurl Bailey is joined by Stedman Graham (Author, Educator, & Entrepreneur) to talk about life during the pandemic, the importance of having a routine, and working on yourself during the COVID-19 out...   (37:25)
July 28, 2020

David Locke on predicting the NBA's return, the Utah Jazz, and finding his voice as a broadcaster

Thurl Bailey is joined by David Locke (Radio play-by-play voice of the Utah Jazz, creator of the Locked on Podcast Network) to talk about how COVID-19 has changed his daily life, predicting the NBA's...   (37:39)
July 21, 2020

Alema Harrington talks COVID-19, his childhood in Hawaii, his time at BYU, and overcoming addiction

Thurl Bailey is joined by Alema Harrington (Former BYU RB, host of the Utah Jazz Game Night on AT&T SportsNet) to talk about living through the COVID-19 pandemic, the announcement of Rudy Gobert test...   (53:07)
July 14, 2020

Isiah Thomas talks civil unrest, 'The Last Dance', growing up in Chicago, and the NBA

Thurl Bailey is joined by Isiah Thomas (2x Champion, 12x All-Star, 1989-900 Finals MVP, Hall of Famer, NBATV host) to talk about how the current state of our society is reminiscent of the civil unres...   (52:58)
June 23, 2020

Anthony Robles on being unstoppable in wrestling and life after being born with one leg

Thurl Bailey is joined by Anthony Robles (ESPN/PAC-12 wrestling analyst, 2011 NCAA wrestling champion, 2x ESPY award winner, NIKE athlete, and author) to talk about the struggles he faced growing up ...   (45:13)
June 16, 2020

Saul Bailey on discrimination, community-oriented policing, and why trust is so important as an officer

Thurl Bailey is joined by Saul Bailey (retired Lt.) to talk about his experiences of dealing with discrimination at a young age and how it shaped him as a young man, as well as the importance of help...   (47:00)
June 9, 2020

Julius "Dr. J" Erving on his autobiography, racial tensions, transitioning from the ABA to the NBA, and life after basketball

Thurl Bailey is joined by Julius "Dr. J" Erving (NBA Hall of Famer, 1982-'83 NBA Champion, 3x ABA MVP, 1981 NBA MVP) to talk about his book, Dr. J: The Autobiography, the racial tensions he experienc...   (59:38)
June 2, 2020

Natalie Williams on being drafted by the Utah Starzz, inequalities between the NBA and the WNBA, and her passion for coaching

Thurl Bailey is joined by Natalie Williams (WNBA Hall of Famer, 4x WNBA All-Star, 3x All-WNBA First Team, 2x All-ABL First Team) to talk about how getting a later start in basketball, choosing to go ...   (29:04)
May 26, 2020

We remember and honor Basketball Hall of Fame coach ⁠— Jerry Sloan

In this week's episode, Thurl Bailey honors Basketball Hall of Fame coach, Jerry Sloan. Thurl recalls what he learned from the late coach, how coach Sloan helped him grow as an NBA player, and how he...   (24:11)
May 12, 2020

Cliff Levingston on his early days in the NBA and Michael Jordan's competitiveness

Thurl Bailey is joined by Cliff Levingston (2x NBA champion, Chicago Bulls 1990-91, 1991-92) to talk about growing up in San Diego, CA., how his first passion was baseball, and what drove him to get ...   (45:57)
May 5, 2020

Bringing everyone together with the power of music

This week we're switching things up a little bit. Thurl Bailey takes us on a musical journey in the hopes of healing any pain we might be feeling during the pandemic. Thurl talks about some of his fa...   (54:24)
April 28, 2020

Dick Vitale on his time as Piston's head coach, NCAA one-time transfer rule, and Jim Valvano's impact

Thurl Bailey is joined by Dick Vitale (ESPN College Basketball Analyst) to talk about how coaching a baseball team in Rutherford, NJ ultimately led to him coaching for the Detroit Pistons in the NBA....   (29:32)
April 21, 2020

Mark Eaton on his book, The Four Commitments of a Winning Team

Thurl Bailey is joined by Mark Eaton (Utah Jazz center 1982-1993, NBA All-Star, 2x Defensive Player of the Year) to talk about his story of working as a mechanic before getting picked up by the Utah ...   (27:51)
April 14, 2020

Jimmer Fredette talks about COVID-19, BYU, the NBA, and his time playing overseas

Thurl Bailey is joined by Jimmer Fredette(professional basketball player) to talk about how COVID-19 has shaped international basketball, growing up in Glen Falls, NY,  and the benefits of growing up...   (01:03:18)
April 7, 2020

Tony Finau on COVID-19, the challenges he faced growing up, his goals, and his pride of being a father and husband

Thurl Bailey is joined by Tony Finau (professional golfer) to talk about how his life has changed since COVID-19 has taken over the sports world, how he's spending his time since the outbreak, and his...   (33:55)
March 31, 2020

Ranger Brody Young recalls the day he was shot nine times while on patrol

Thurl Bailey is joined by Ranger Brody Young(Utah State Park Ranger) to talk about how his love for the outdoors led him to become a ranger and how a routine patrol at Poison Spider trailhead changed ...   (46:53)
March 24, 2020

Craig Bolerjack recalls being quarantined in OKC, the coronavirus outbreak, and the state of sports

In this episode, Thurl is joined by Craig Bolerjack(Utah Jazz TV play-by-play announcer) to remember the events that took place in Oklahoma City when it was announced that Utah Jazz center, Rudy Gober...   (45:17)
March 17, 2020

March is Mad: Remembering NC State's 1983 title run

In this episode, Thurl talks about how he was recruited out of high school by Norm Sloan (North Carolina State - head coach), convinced him to commit to NC State, the ups-and-downs of his freshman yea...   (37:02)
March 10, 2020

Frank Layden: the Utah Jazz legend recalls his fun past with basketball

In this week's episode, Thurl Bailey (former professional basketball player, current Utah Jazz analyst) is joined by Frank Layden (former Utah Jazz head coach) to talk about drafting Thurl in 1983, gr...   (53:52)
February 26, 2020

From Fan to NBA Player: a Story of Potential

Thurl Bailey(former NBA player, current Utah Jazz analyst) describes the moment he saw Julius "Dr. J" Erving play basketball for the first time, his passion for emulating Dr. J's game, and his constan...   (41:16)
February 26, 2020

Arriving at a Fork in the Road in Lugano, Switzerland

Thurl Bailey(former NBA player, current Utah Jazz analyst) describes driving through Italy during his time playing basketball overseas when a border patrol agent at Lugano, Switzerland asked him three...   (30:01)