Let Her Light Shine: Remembering Lauren McCluskey With Her Mother Jill

On this special edition episode of Crimson Corner, host Michelle Bodkin brings on Jill McCluskey to talk about her daughter, Lauren McCluskey, who was murdered on the University of Utah campus on October 22, 2018, by an estranged boyfriend. The story created media waves and highlighted how college campuses lacked the knowledge and training on how to handle dating violence and stalking amongst their students.  Since Lauren's tragic death, Jill has been on a mission to make sure her daughter's light still shines by helping others in similar situations. The Lauren McCluskey Foundation was put into place to raise awareness for and come up with better policy to protect students on college campuses who might find themselves in an abusive situation. Lauren's Promise was also created in an attempt to make others aware of how common dating violence and stalking is, and to listen if someone comes forward asking for help.  You can follow Michelle Bodkin @BodkinKSLsports, Jill McCluskey @jjmccluskey, and the Lauren McCluskey Foundation @LMC_Foundation.See our website for privacy information.

Published: Friday, October 21, 2022   |   Runtime: 26:09