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Rivals is powered by BYU Athletics. Scott Mitchell and Jason Buck, past football rivals at the university and professional level, come together to talk life and sports. Scott Mitchell was a record setting quarterback at University of Utah. He then went on to play for Miami Dolphins, Detroit Lions, Baltimore Ravens, and Cincinnati Bengals. Jason Buck was drafted out of Brigham Young University in the first round of the NFL draft. He played on the defensive line for Cincinnati Bengals and Washington Redskins. He earned a Super Bowl ring in the Redskins victory over Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXVI.
February 26, 2020

Mark Pope Is The King Of Provo

February 14, 2020

Locals In The NFL Draft

NFL Draft   (16:07)
December 11, 2019

What Happened To Utah Football?

October 1, 2019

The Biggest NFL Surprises

July 18, 2019

BYU Should Join The AAC

The debate isn't dead. Scott Mitchell has a few strong reasons why he thinks the BYU Cougars should join the AAC. Jason Buck, former BYU defensive end agrees with Scott. The travel, the altitude and few other factors will benefit the BYU Cougars.   (14:36)
July 18, 2019

Trevor Lawrence Looks Like Peyton Manning. Is He Perfect?

Trevor Lawrence is the best quarterback in college football. The Clemson Tigers thrower already has NFL teams preparing for him. Scott Mitchell, former NFL quarterback picks apart his play and thinks he is a replica of Peyton Manning, but more athletic.   (14:34)
July 16, 2019

Top 100 College Players - Includes Utes, Aggies - Leaves out Cougs

Sports Illustrated released their list of the top 100 college football players. Bradlee Anae, Jaylon Johnson, Leki Fotu are a few of the Utes who made the list. You will also find an Aggie linebacker on the list. Jason Buck blames independence as to...   (09:53)
July 16, 2019

Buck: Don't Expand The NFL Season

Jason Buck, former NFL defensive end, said his first thought when the conversation of extending the NFL season comes up is "heck no." He is more OK with it if some preseason games are eliminated. Scott Mitchell, former NFL quarterback, is all for...   (10:39)
July 11, 2019

Zach Wilson Spending The Day With Drew Brees Is Important

BYU phenom quarterback Zach Wilson posted a picture on Instagram of himself with Drew Brees. Scott Mitchell and Jason Buck talk about whether or not meeting our role models or successful people actually matters or helps in player development. Scott...   (09:59)
July 11, 2019

BYU/Utah ESPN Game Predictions - We Disagree

The ESPN FPI has BYU winning eight games. They have Utah winning nine. Scott Mitchell, former Ute, and Jason Buck, former Cougar, discuss the rankings. They are both shocked that they have BYU winning so many games. The ESPN FPI has BYU losing the...   (17:10)
July 9, 2019

Relating Jason Buck's Championship Experience To The Utah Jazz

Mike Conley Jr. was formally introduced by the Utah Jazz yesterday. One comment struck Scott. Conley said, "We don't know what it takes to win a championship." Jason Buck won one Super Bowl and lost one. He talks about the experience and finally...   (21:47)
July 9, 2019

Kyle Whittingham Ranked Three - Lack Of Offense Puts Him There

College Football News ranked the coaches in the Pac 12. Kyle Whittingham, coach of the University of Utah Utes, came in at number three, a step above last year's ranking. Jason Buck said the reason he isn't one or two is that he can't seem to get the...   (06:46)
June 27, 2019

Innovations That Changed The NFL

Pass interference is now reviewable after last year's NFC Championship no call between the Saints and the Rams. Scott thinks this innovation will change the NFL. Scott and Jason talk about the innovations they were apart of during their time in the NFL.   (08:49)
June 27, 2019

Is Utah State More Relevant Than BYU In Football?

We ask Jason Buck if his alma mater BYU has been surpassed by Utah State University on a national scale when it comes to their football program. He explains that locally no, but nationally yes. His reason? independence. He recalls when Utah State fell...   (16:22)
June 25, 2019

Is Neil Pau'u's Arrest a Reflection Of Recruiting? Mitch Haper, BYU Insider, Joins Rivals

Mitch Harper, our own BYU insider and host of the podcast Cougar Tracks and the radio show Cougar Sports Saturday in joining Jason Buck and Scott Mitchell to talk about the recent arrest of BYU Wide Receiver Neil Pau'u and accused of drunk driving.   (27:25)
June 25, 2019

BYU and Utah Twitter Trash Talk Is STUPID, According To Jason Buck

BYU and Utah players have already started the banter, or trash talk, on Twitter leading up to the Rivalry game. Jason Buck thinks this is stupid and can absolutely have an impact on the game because trash talking can motivate the other team. His...   (08:57)
June 20, 2019

Stealing a BYU Player For Utah

Hey BYU fans, if you could steal one player from Utah to join the BYU football team, who would it be? Scott Mitchell and Jason buck both give their choices. Scott's choice will surprise you. But it fills his biggest question mark with Utah.   (12:27)
June 20, 2019

College Football Traditions Are Why We Love College Football

The University of Utah has the crazy dancing lady and the third down jump. BYU has Cougar Tails. We are talking about college football traditions from the fan perspective. Scott and Jason talk about their favorite from schools across the country....   (11:26)
June 19, 2019

Utah Being BYU's First Game Is Bad For Zach Wilson

Pro Football Focus has Zach Wilson ranked as the 18th quarterback in the nation and the second highest rated quarterback in the western united states. Zach Wilson had shoulder surgery in the offseason. That makes Scott disagree with this ranking....   (10:17)
June 19, 2019

Stealing a Utah Player For BYU

Hey BYU Fans, If you could have one University of Utah Ute football player join your team who would it be? Scott Mitchell and Jason Buck give their picks. Of course, Jason wants someone from Utah's defense.   (12:01)
June 13, 2019

Tanner Mangum Spotted With XFL - When Should Players Throw In The Towel?

Tanner Mangum, former BYU quarterback, was spotted at an XFL event. This brought up a discussion between Scott Mitchell, former Utah and NFL quarterback, and Jason Buck, former BYU and NFL defensive end, about when football players should throw in the...   (07:46)