Monza Preview and Musical Driver Seats

The grid finishes the third leg of a European triple header with The Italian Grand Prix at historic Monza.  Can Ferrari break the streak of terrible streak of bumbled strategy and poor reliability to win at their home GP?  Hosts Alex Kirry and Dan Jimenez breakdown the crazy finishes and strange podiums this race has given F1 fans in the last two years and whether or not we will see something thing similar this year or if Max Verstappen and Red Bull will keep their dominant strangle hold on the WDC and the Constructor standings.  Dan also talks aero setups that will be most advantageous for teams on the grid.  Lewis Hamilton takes a grid penalty for a new power unit and the swirling rumors of who will be in which seats at which teams next year is still very much up in the air.  Plus, as a bonus, Dan brags about going to the Singapore GP at the end of the month.  

Published: Friday, September 09, 2022   |   Runtime: 31:26