Nick Fleehart on the Oval controversy, the Beer League Players Association, and upcoming tournaments

On today's episode of the Utah Puck Report, Jay Stevens is joined by special co-host Jon Smith (Radio host at 103.5 The Arrow) and Nick Fleehart (The Nick and Co Show/Beer League Players Association Facebook Page) to talk about a recent announcement from the Oval that will penalize players for participating in the post game handshake line. We also dive into how Nick was introduced to hockey even though he's from Oklahoma City, the amazing support that hockey players show each other, and how the Beer League Players Association Facebook page started. Then we talk about upcoming tournaments that Nick has scheduled in Salt Lake, how hockey camaraderie was the ultimate goal when starting the tournaments, and the importance of hockey growth in Utah.

Published: Tuesday, December 31, 2019   |   Runtime: 39:29