Sports Wars: Episode XLVI - Retribution of the Afterhours

It is a time of joy for the Afterhours Alliance, the Jazz have turned a corner and college basketball is off to a promising start. But shadows begin to creep up on Jedi masters, Hema Heimuli, Jr. and Zachary Hicken with the conclusion of the college football season. Can they hold out for the last three games? With the vital return of the key to the Afterhours studio, Hema and Zak step up to the mic as the last hope for local sports fans. Subscribe, rate, review, download, share it with a friend and help us grow. Follow us on twitter: @SBAfterhours, @HemaHeimuliJr, and @zakhicken. Finally, make sure to check out kslsports.com for all your sports coverage.

Published: Monday, December 16, 2019   |   Runtime: 48:30