How to Attend the 2023 F1 Las Vegas GP, plus Brazil Preview

This episode of Mode Push Alex Kirry and Dan Jimenez get together to try and figure out if it would be worth attending the 2023 F1 race in Las Vegas.  Dan speculates that the race it self, while glitzy and a lot of fun to promote and get excited for might not actually prove to be much of a fun race from a pure competitive standpoint.  Red Bull have already wrapped up the constructors and drivers' title for 2022 but what will next year bring?  The guys also talk about the need for a playoff type structure in F1 if they are going to be able to keep bringing in the American audience that expects a championship that isn't decided with multiple races still left on the calendar.  Alex and Dan also jump in to the Brazilian GP at Interlagos that historically has been the place that so many have been crowned champions.  Will there be much fight left in the Ferrari team when there isn't much reason to lose valuable wind tunnel time in the off season?  This and much more on another episode of Mode Push.  

Published: Thursday, November 10, 2022   |   Runtime: 30:22