Aussie GP Preview and The Problem with F1

Alex Kirry and Jimenez are ready for something different to happen in 2023.  Red Bull 1-2 isn't exactly the ideal for a sport that thrives on close races, standings and drama across the grid.  F1 has a big competition problem. The guys talk about some of the differences between The Australian Grand Prix and the previous two races while also dreaming of another team atop the podium at Albert Park.  Oscar Piastri comes home to Melbourne, although he's never raced on his home track in any series he's ever raced.  F1's boss wants to eliminate or at least reduce free practices in the sport as its 'too boring' but could that put teams at a disadvantage as they try to get a car ready for the race weekend?  Will Fernando Alonso continue his run of early success along with Aston Martin teammate Lance Stroll?  Have either Mercedes or Ferrari closed the gap to the top?  Charles Leclerc won this race last year but can he recapture some sort of magic that he lacks so far in 2023? Join us for this and more on Mode Push! 

Published: Thursday, March 30, 2023   |   Runtime: 26:56