First Episode! Spa Preview

Meet Hosts Alex Kirry and Dan Jimenez who have embarked on a labor of love in the form of an F1 Podcast that is centered around both new fans and veterans to the sport in the U.S and abroad.  Alex is a Sports Radio Host who fell in love with F1 like so many did a few years ago with the release of the super-popular "Drive to Survive" on Netflix.  He's a rookie to the sport, for sure.  Dan has a mechanical engineering degree, worked for Ford Motor Racing in North Carolina in a former life, still has an immense passion for the highest level of motor sports, but loves to nerd out on the technical side and history of the sport.  Jump in this week as F1 comes back from an eventful summer break where the Drivers' market hit an insane level of drama and get a preview of the Belgian Grand Prix in historic Spa.  Max Verstappen and Red Bull hold a sizeable lead in the Constructors' Race and the Driver Championship but Ferrari won't go down without some sort of fight in the second half.  Can Mercedes get back into contention in the Big Three?  Welcome to the Mode Push Podcast!  

Published: Friday, August 26, 2022   |   Runtime: 33:48