Frank Layden: the Utah Jazz legend recalls his fun past with basketball

In this week's episode, Thurl Bailey (former professional basketball player, current Utah Jazz analyst) is joined by Frank Layden (former Utah Jazz head coach) to talk about drafting Thurl in 1983, growing up in Brooklyn, NY, and pursuing his passion for basketball instead of baseball. Then we dive into Frank's decision to attend Niagara University, his time in the army, and the phone call that led Frank to become a coach high school. Frank also talks about meeting his wife for the first time, becoming Niagara's head coach from 1968-1976, and what he learned from coaching Calvin Murphy (former professional basketball player, current Houston Rockets broadcaster). He then details his introduction to the New Orleans Jazz, pushing through the tough years before the team moved to Salt Lake City, and how special the 1984 season was for the team's foundation. We then talk about his regrets surrounding Adrian Dantley (former professional basketball player) and what he would change about his time as a head coach. Lastly, Frank recalls his decision to step down as head coach of the Utah Jazz and to allow Jerry Sloan (Hall of Famer, former Utah Jazz head coach) to begin his tenure as the head coach.

Published: Tuesday, March 10, 2020   |   Runtime: 53:51