Pac-12 Analyst Jordan Watkins Discusses Stanford vs. Utah, Conference Championship Race, Women's Hoops

This week's episode of Crimson Corner focuses in on the Utes' last home game of the season against Staford with former Cardinal player and current Pac-12 Analyst Jordan Watkins. Host Michelle Bodkin and Watkins discuss Kyle Whittingham's leadership of the Utes, Staford's recent struggles, Tanner McKee, and in-general what to expect Saturday night. Watkins also goes into why he's such a defender of Pac-12 sports despite growing up in the heart of SEC Country, the Conference Championship Game race and a little about how good Women's Hoops is in the Pac-12.  You can follow Michelle Bodkin on Twitter @BodkinKSLsports and Jordan Watkins @Big75Fella.See our website for privacy information.

Published: Friday, November 11, 2022   |   Runtime: 30:40