Max wins Monza and Safety Car Finishes Suck

Your hosts Alex Kirry and Dan Jimenez breakdown a rather sterile Italian GP.  No two ways about it, this was probably the most boring race of the year.  Max Verstappen proves that he'll win the exciting races, the boring races, in the rain, on a train...well, anyway, you get what we mean. Verstappen continues to just win as the Italian GP marks the 5th win in a row for the Dutchman and his 11th of the season.  Despite the lack of an exciting finish under the safety car, there were still highlights from a race that saw another Dutchman win points in an F1 car as Nyck de Vries, sitting in for a sick Alex Albon, notched two championship points in his first day officially classified in an F1 race.  Dan then breaks down some of the more nuanced rule clarifications that lead to the FIA's decision to end under the safety car rather than racing wheel to wheel at all costs. Are there seriously three weeks until the next F1 race week? Unfortunately, yes.     

Published: Monday, September 12, 2022   |   Runtime: 30:01