Pac-12 Reporter John Canzano Discusses Media Rights, Grant of Rights, & Expansion

This week's Crimson Corner episode aptly revolves around the story of the Pac-12 and their on-going media rights negotiations with Pac-12 Reporter John Canzano. Crimson Corner host Michelle Bodkin askes Canzano several questions regarding how the Pac-12 got where they are, mistakes that have been made by the conference, what the recent Grant of Rights announcement means in relation to getting a media deal done and much more. Bodkin and Canzano work to try and dispel some of the confusing matters around media rights, grant of rights and expansion, while also diving into sourcing and what fans should look for when consuming media for valid pieces of information. You can follow John Canzano on Twitter @johncanzanobft and Michelle Bodkin on Twitter and Instagram @bodkinKSLsports.  

Published: Thursday, June 08, 2023   |   Runtime: 35:57