Morgan Marietti on girls hockey in Utah, her path to coaching, and Women's Hockey at the University of Utah

On this episode, Jay Stevens is joined by University of Utah Women's Hockey head coach, Morgan Marietti, to talk about growing up and becoming a rink rat at a young age, growing up playing Golden Spike Amateur Hockey, and the challenges of creating an all-female hockey team. We then dive into whether or not she was accepted by co-ed teams and how that led her to change her mindset once she began coaching. Then we talk about her decision to attend the University of Utah instead of playing hockey in Canada and how she found her passion for community service. We also discuss Morgan's drive to become a coach and what it meant for her to emphasize on keeping girls in hockey in the teenage years. Lastly, we talk about the introduction of women's hockey to the University of Utah and what the club is going to be facing this year.

Published: Tuesday, September 03, 2019   |   Runtime: 34:51