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Devin Kaufusi Has A Different Way To Get Pumped Up For A Game

Photo: Deseret News

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Everyone sees those scenes where football players get amped up by playing either some heavy metal, rock, or rap music. High octane music is what people think of for pre-game in the locker room but that is not always the case.

There are many different ways to get ready for a game and part of the preparation process is when a game starts. Out in Pac-12 country, games typically start later in the day, and there are plenty of Pac-12 after dark matchups giving players all day to get ready for that 7 p.m. or later local kick time.

Utah’s Devin Kaufusi joined KSL Unrivaled to share some of the ways he prepares for game days. It all varies based on the time of the game. The Utes game against Washington State this week begins at 12:30 p.m..

Having the entire to get ready for a night game can be draining with meetings and a lot of just waiting for the game to start. So, by the time the game gets ready some of these players don’t really have the energy.

Kaufusi’s secret to not getting too amped or wasting energy is that he listens to some softer music and specifically gets ready by listening to a variety of music soundtracks.

“It is a long day when it is gameday from waking up, meetings, walkthroughs, and hanging around. I have to learn and get better at it as I have gone through my football years,” Kaufusi said. “When it was my first year you are excited and adrenaline is going from when you wake up, and then you get to game time and you are already spent.

“It is a mindful skill when it comes to gameday when it comes to finding the right time to flip the switch. Tje music I listen to is a little bit more mellow and I love movie soundtracks, and some of the classical and mellow stuff.”

To each is their own in what gets someone prepared to play the violent sport of football. Not everyone needs to set the volume to 11 and just rock out to some hard-core music, in fact, KSL Sports Scott Mitchell who spent 12 years in the NFL would read books before a game to get prepared.

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