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Tokyo 7-Eleven
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KSL Tokyo Olympics Crew Has 15 Minutes To Get Food, Snacks At Nearby 7-Eleven

(Courtesy of @KSL_AlexCabrero on Twitter)

TOKYO – The KSL TV crew that was sent to Tokyo to cover the Olympics was quarantined in hotel rooms because of increasing COVID-19 cases in Japan. 

They can leave the hotel for 15 minute visits to a nearby 7-Eleven for food and snacks. 

Convenience stores in Japan are well known for their assortment of packaged, cold and hot food. 

KSL’s Alex Cabrero said, “There’s plenty of ramen.” He pointed to one that he posted on his Facebook page. 

He held up a packaged sandwich, “People seem to get a kick out of this. This is a shrimp cutlet with sauces. I haven’t tried this yet. I’m not a huge fan of shrimp but some people really like this stuff.” 

He moved on to a packed ice cream freezer. “Check this out. I mean, it’s what, it’s 10:30 in the morning here and it definitely is not too early for ice cream.” 

Sweets are also common on the shelves. 

“Some people got a kick out of this one,” Alex said. “This is some kind of cookie or cracker but it’s ‘sugar butter sand tree flavor’. I’m not sure what a sand tree is but this is something I’m going to try. And also, we have a few people back home who love this, a raisin sandwich.” 

He moved on to the store’s warm food display. “You have some spicy fried chicken, the curried bread right there.” 

Alex explained, “I’m not an adventurous eater but I’m going to give some of these things a try.”