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Tokyo Olympics: Fifteen Minutes To Explore The City

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Safety for athletes, media and everyone involved is the top priority at the Tokyo Olympics.

The movement of staff, athletes and media members is closely controlled along with strict testing measures. But each day, our KSL Olympics team in Tokyo gets “fifteen minutes of freedom” to explore their surroundings during the 14-day quarantine period.

Right now, our team mostly stays in the hotel, the International Broadcasting Center or the NBC workstation. Shara Park got a little bit of exploration in, though.

In the video above, Park takes you along for her daily outing. First stop: 711.


711 stores in Japan are much different than the ones in the United States as you can imagine, they are stocked with fresh food daily. Park picked up some dried squid to try.

Next up: The market for a purple potato ice cream bar.

In Japan, there are vending machines “everywhere”, Park shows you some of those on the streets of Tokyo just before she has to head back to the hotel because fifteen minutes are up.

The verdict on the dried squid and potato popsicle? Squid, not great. Purple potato ice cream, SO GOOD.

KSL’s Olympic Team will have exclusive coverage of the games – you can watch the opening ceremony live on Friday at 5 a.m., right after KSL Today.