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Steve Smith and Zack Moss
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Utah Football Legends Steve Smith, Zack Moss Discuss Time With Program

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Utah football legends Steve Smith and Zack Moss had a great discussion on the “Cut To It” podcast talking about the Utes program.

Steve Smith hosts the podcast and had Zack Moss on as a guest as they talked about a ton of topics from recruiting trips to Utah, playing for the Utes and making it to the NFL.

You can listen to the full episode of “Cut To It” with Steve Smith and Zack Moss, here.

Recruiting Trips To Utah For Steve Smith And Zack Moss

Both Moss and Smith had stories of how they came to Utah but not many know what they did on their recruiting trips. It all started with a simple question from Steve Smith.

Smith: Snowboarding or Skiing?

Moss: I’ve never done neither one but I probably would pick snowboarding though.

Smith: Really? All the time you spent up it up in Park City?

Moss: I did snowmobiling. That was the only thing that really I was able to do. When I get back, definitely I’m gonna try snowboarding.

Smith: In 1998, on my recruiting trip to Utah from California they took us skiing. I’ve been hooked ever since then. Did they take you guys skiing and stuff?

Moss: They took a snowmobiling and that’s how I got hooked on that.

Moss Recovering From Injury

During the AFC Wild Card round, Moss suffered an ankle injury that forced him to undergo minor surgery. He is currently recovering from that injury.

Smith: You had a pretty bad injury. What has it been like for you through this process to get back on the road of recovery?

Moss: Right now, it hasn’t really been, from a physical standpoint, tough. Mentally, I feel a little bit, in a sense, a little bit more comfortable with it. Because I’ve had an injury before back in college where I tore my meniscus and there was surgery needed and coming back from that and going into a senior season and all that type of stuff. That was you know, I guess you can say pressure around all that type of stuff. So when it comes to this, I feel as if I’m in some type of a familiar territory and I know what it takes, how you have to attack rehabs, you have to be in a positive mindset. Every single day, when you come in there, you can’t go in there with a negative mindset. So I was able to kind of go through all those hardships my first time around with a surgery that took me off the field. I went through those times where it was dark days, not talking to people, not leaving the house, going to rehab, you know, putting off bad vibes to the trainer’s acting like they’ve done something and all that type of stuff.

What Zack Moss Wants To Get Out Of Football

Near the end of the podcast, Smith asked a really good question to Moss.

Smith: What do you believe you can get out of this game?

Moss: For one, I know I want to be one of the better players to ever play this game. That’s another thing that for me, it’s always been a passion and something that drove me. Sometimes when I’m sitting at home going through rehab and I’m like, ‘man, I got to go through all these things to be great.’ No one said being great is easy. So, I definitely think I can, hopefully one day when it’s all said and done, if I walk away from the game. I want to know that I was dominant on every level that I played, and want to be someone that peers of the game that I play with respected a lot and knew that I brought it each and every day.

Trevor Allen is a Utah Utes Insider for and host of the Crimson Corner podcast. Follow him on Twitter: @TrevorASportsYou can download and listen to the podcast, here.