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Athlete, Viral Football Star Sam Gordon Discusses Her Passion For Keeping Kids Safe On Phones

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – High school athlete and viral tackle football star Sam Gordon recently joined SportsBeat’s Sam Farnsworth to discuss her passion for keeping kids safe while using their cell phones.

Gordon is a brand ambassador for Gabb Wireless, a cellular phone company whose mission aims to “protect kids and encourage life outside the screen.”

Gabb Wireless provides cell phones intended to be the perfect first phone for kids. The devices don’t feature an internet browser, an app store, or any social media applications.

“It has all the necessities of a phone. It looks good,” Gordon told Farnsworth. “It takes away the distractions of social media and the internet and some of those things that help kids waste time. But allows that communication with parents and so it has the necessities of a phone and takes away the bad parts of it, which I think is awesome. As an ambassador, I kind of get to help preach what’s so great about it. And what’s so nice about getting off-screen and going and doing other things. And because I’m around the kids’ age, they might listen to me a little bit more than their parents.”

Gordon continued by saying that kids don’t need to spend multiple hours on their phones every day and the Gabb phone helps eliminate addiction to phones.

“We’re kind of trying to spread the message that hey, like, get off your phone, get off of social media, and instead go try something cool,” Gordon said of her and other Gabb ambassadors’ roles. “Maybe we can inspire them with one of our interests and kind of just sharing your story and using our platform in the best way we can.”

She also highlighted that the phones not only help eliminate distractions but keep kids safe while still keeping them in contact with loved ones.

“That’s not just the danger of being addicted to your phone, but the danger of you know, the internet and some of those harmful things, the influence of social media itself and all those things,” Gordon continued. “It can be pretty harmful to a kid growing up. And so I think Gabb Wireless takes those away. Takes away the addiction problem and really allows kids a safe phone to use.”

On Saturday, August 1, Gabb Wireless held a special event to highlight it’s service to parents and its new Z2 Gabb Phone.

About Sam Gordon

Gordon begin playing tackle football when she was nine years old. She played alongside boys her age and put up staggering numbers.

After rushing for 232 carries, 1,911 yards, and 25 touchdowns, Gordon’s father made a highlight reel of her plays. The video went viral on YouTube and had millions of views in its first week online.

Since then, she’s appeared on Good Morning America, NFL Network, and an NFL commercial. In 2015, Gordon and her father created the first all-girls tackle football league.

About Gabb Wireless

Gabb Wireless was created after its founder, Stephen Dalby, decided “there were no good options available for his son’s first phone.”

He wanted to be able to stay in touch with his son at an affordable price and without a phone with “fancy features.”

Dalby created the company to help parents stay in touch with their kids with a service completely safe for kids that didn’t require parental controls.

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