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Mark Harlan - Utah Athletic Director
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Mark Harlan, Utah Athletics Stand ‘Firmly’ With Former CB Ryan Lacy After He Received Threats

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – After former Utah football cornerback Ryan Lacy received threats on social media and text message, Utah athletics is supporting Lacy.

Utah football announced on Wednesday, July 1 that defensive coordinator Morgan Scalley would remain with the program following an investigation into a text message that Scalley sent to a recruit in 2013 that included a racial slur.

Since the reinstatement of Scalley, Lacy has received threats as well as his family. The University of Utah tweeted a statement on Thursday, July 1.

“Threats made to alum Ryan Lacy are repugnant,” the university wrote. “Such actions are not tolerated by the University. While we know the vast majority of the U of U community treats each other with respect and dignity, there are some outliers who do not share that spirit. We condemn their racist words and actions in the strongest way possible.”

After the University sent out their statement, Utes Athletic Director Mark Harlan added his department as support for Lacy.

“I and @Utahathletics stand firmly behind this statement regarding threats made to @SpotlightLacy (Ryan Lacy),” Harlan wrote.

Reaction To Scalley Being Reinstated

Lacy took to Twitter to react to Scalley being reinstated when he started receiving threats.

“As I sit here watching my son sleep, I fear that he will have to deal with the same ignorance I did,” Lacy wrote. “I chose to speak up because I, as a father myself, would never teach my son to degrade or disrespect a culture in the manner @SafetyPride (Morgan Scalley) did.”

Just 11 minutes after the first tweet, Lacy sent out another tweet saying that he and his family are receiving threats.

“I have received threats to my family! @UUtah (University of Utah) I am sickened by this! My mother is in fear after her address was exposed,” Lacy wrote. “No phone call, no care, but you had enough time to rewrite a contract for a coach that has blatantly proven misconduct.”

Seven minutes after the second tweet, Lacy stated that he isn’t afraid of speaking his truth.

“I used to be afraid to speak up for undisclosed reasons while attending @UUtah (University of Utah) but after being blatantly pushed off and ignored,” Lacy wrote. “I am no longer afraid of speaking my truth. No longer intimidated. Over and out. God bless and goodnight.”

Lacy later posted a screenshot of text messages that he received from an individual using racial slurs.

Trevor Allen is a Utah Utes Insider for and host of the Crimson Corner podcast. Follow him on Twitter: @TrevorASportsYou can download and listen to the podcast, here.