Players React After Utah DC Morgan Scalley Gets Suspended For Racial Slur Used In 2013 Text

Jun 5, 2020, 6:51 PM | Updated: Jun 6, 2020, 8:51 pm
Morgan Scalley - Utah Utes...
Utah Utes defensive coordinator Morgan Scalley (Photo courtesy of Ravell Call, Deseret News)
(Photo courtesy of Ravell Call, Deseret News)

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Former and current football players reacted on social media to the news of Utah defensive coordinator getting suspended from the football program for using a racial slur in a text message in 2013.

On Friday, June 5, Utah director of athletics Mark Harlan released a statement announcing Scalley’s suspension.

“On Wednesday night, I was made aware of a social media post that referenced a 2013 text message that included racist language, sent by our football program’s defensive coordinator, Morgan Scalley,” Harlan wrote. “Coach Scalley and I have spoken. He is very contrite and acknowledged that the text was sent and that it did include a derogatory and painful word. The use of any form of racist language is not only antithetical to our policies and our values, but it is an affront to all of us, especially our African-American community members. While the review of this matter is being conducted, I have placed Morgan on suspension effective immediately.”

After the news of Scalley’s suspension broke, players with ties to the state of Utah shared their thoughts on the Utes coach.

Former & Current Utah Utes Players

Tom Hackett

KSLSports.com Utah Utes Insider, co-host of the It’s Utah’s World podcast, and former Utes punter Tom Hackett chimed in on the news of Scalley’s suspension.

“I’m dumbfounded,” Hackett tweeted. “Lost for words.”

On Saturday, June 6, Hackett shared additional thoughts on Scalley’s suspension.

Andy Phillips

Former Utah kicker Andy Phillips expressed his support of Scalley on Twitter.

“There is no excuse for using racial slurs,” Phillips tweeted. “It’s unacceptable. I also know Morgan Scalley and he is one of the finest men on this planet. He is not a racist and there is an army of people that would stand with him.”

Nick Ford

Utes offensive lineman Nick Ford expressed his feeling on Coach Scalley.

“This man has treated my teammates and I with the utmost respect, teaching us various life lessons,” Ford posted. “I am truly shocked that any of this may even possibly be true. He & his entire family have been very loving and accepting. I hope he is able to return & be the man we know he is.”

Charlie Vincent

Utes running back Charlie Vincent said he hopes “for nothing but the best” for Scalley.

“I know it is unacceptable for any racist gestures or anything racist for that matter. Coach Scalley is a phenomenal coach and an even better man,” tweeted Vincent. “In my time of knowing him, he has shown nothing but love and care for me, let alone anything racist. I hope for nothing but the best.”

Ben Moa

Former Utah tight end Ben Moa shared his thoughts on the suspension of Coach Scalley.

“Man I have known Morgan Scalley for a long time! This must be a huge misunderstanding,” posted Moa. “Those of you that know Scalley know his character. Morgan is my brother and I will always have his back ! Go Utes! Those of you who don’t like it, you know where to find me.”

Derrick Shelby

Former Utah defensive lineman Derrick Shelby said he stands he Coach Scalley.

A lot has been said about Morgan Scalley, while I don’t agree with the language Morgan Scalley is a good man who made a mistake,” tweeted Shelby. “Emotions are high so right now isn’t the time for trial via Twitter. I’ll stand with you Scalley

Derek Tuimauga

Former Utah offensive lineman Derek Tuimauga said that Coach Scalley “made a positive impact” on many of the players he coached.

Steve Savoy

Former Utah wideout Steve Savoy said the news of Scalley’s suspension hurt.

“Wow Morgan Scalley this hurts that’s what u think and feel after all we been through #BlackLivesMatter,” tweeted Savoy.

Dominique Hatfield

Shortly after the news of Scalley’s suspension was announced, former Utes wide receiver Dominique Hatfield said he wasn’t surprised.

Ryan Lacy

Former Utah cornerback Ryan Lacy tweeted that he “was called a racial slur” in 2008.

“Confronted him my senior year 2013. Held onto it 5 years and Got a half-a** apology, more on terms of an excuse,” Lacy wrote. “He is a great coach, but needs to be a better Man. Truth hurts. God bless.”

Sean Smith

Former Utah wide receiver Sean Smith also shared his thoughts on the news about Scalley.

“Wowwww!!!!!!” tweeted Smith. “And what u mean “men of color?” See the truth always comes out… Utah was crazy… And my teammates know wassup. Let’s see if Saftey Pride gone speak up and be honest.”

WARNING: Lacy and Smith’s full tweets contains explicit language.

Kenric Young

Former Utah receiver and cornerback Kenric Young responded to Smith’s tweet.

“Got love for Utah…but I totally feel you Sean Smith,” replied Young. “This and know exactly what you are talking about, no need to explain to anyone cause people won’t listen or believe us if we told them!!!

Terrell Burgess

Former Utah and current Los Angeles Rams defensive back Terrell Burgess shared his thoughts on the Utah defensive coordinator.

“Morgan Scalley is a great coach but an even better human being,” Burgess tweeted. “This man may be a lot of things like hard-nosed and loud but one thing for sure is he isn’t racist. Obviously whatever was said is unacceptable but this does not portray the great character and warm heart he has.”

Julian Blackmon

Former Utah and current Indianapolis Colt defensive back Julian Blackmon shared similar thoughts as Burgess on their former defensive coordinator.

“Love you coach. Just know I played for this guy and I can assure you he’s not a racist. Just unlucky cause of the platform he’s on. As well as what’s already going on in America, Blackmon tweeted. “Hard to judge cause most of us say things in private that don’t get exposed like this. All love.”

Marcus Williams

Former Utah and current New Orleans Saints defensive back Marcus Williams said that Morgan Scalley “has been nothing but a role model, a great coach, a great father, a great mentor and so much more.”

Karl Williams

Former Utes running back Karl Williams posted a tweet to all the “players speaking out” about Scalley’s suspension.

“Racist NO human YES. For all you players speaking out remember the mistakes you all made during your time at Utah,” Williams wrote. “Look at how we learned from them and we are better men now. Give your Utah family the same respect and let’s become a stronger program.”

Other Football Players

Jaylon Vickers – BYU

BYU defensive back Jaylon Vickers said that Scalley is “one of the best dudes” he’s ever met.

“I always wanted to go play for him just because of the type of guy he is and the love he has for all of his players,” Vickers tweeted. “I know for a fact he ain’t racist…..”

Isaiah Kaufusi – BYU

BYU linebacker Isaiah Kaufusi said that he hopes Scalley gets a second chance.

“My dad was a youth corrections office in 2004. He had Morgan Scalley come speak to a group of troubled youth. I don’t remember what he said but I’ll never forget how he made me feel,” Kausufi posted. “There is no excuse for what was said, but I know this doesn’t define him. Hope he gets a 2nd chance.”

Chaz Ah You – BYU

BYU linebacker Chaz Ah You said that he’s always looked up to Scalley.

“Coach Scalley has always been a man I looked up to,” Ah You tweeted. “The news although I don’t know the whole story is sad but I know hes one coach I’ve known my entire football career since the first day I put pads on. Never treated me or others any different and always with love.”

Khyiris Tonga – BYU

Former Utah recruiting prospect and current BYU defensive lineman Khyiris Tonga shared his thoughts on Coach Scalley.

“During my recruitment with Utah, Coach Scalley treated my family and I with the utmost respect at all times. Even during my mission, he was always there,” Tonga wrote. “He’s a great coach and even better man. I’m sad to see this but I hope he’s able to return and continue to do what he does.”

Raider Damuni – Timpview High School

Timpview star and current BYU commit Raider Damuni agreed with Tonga.

“100 percent!” Damuni replied to Tonga’s tweet. “Coach Scalley is a great man!”

Nate Richie – Lone Peak High School

Utah commit Nate Richie also agreed with Tonga’s tweet.

“Not only one of the greatest coach but an even better man!!” Richie tweeted. “I’ve only ever seen this man treat everyone he works with with the up most respect please everyone don’t let this breeze by this just ain’t right!!!!”

Harland said that the university will have an outside firm review the matter.

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Players React After Utah DC Morgan Scalley Gets Suspended For Racial Slur Used In 2013 Text