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Three Times Post Malone Gave Utahns Something To Smile About

Post Malone performs during the first day of Lollapalooza Buenos Aires 2018 at Hipodromo de San Isidro on March 29, 2019 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Photo by Santiago Bluguermann/Getty Images)

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Post Malone, arguably the biggest pop star in the world, resides on the outskirts of Salt Lake City, Utah in his $3 million mansion tucked away on the hills of Cottonwood Heights.

Fortunately, for Utahns, Malone is proud to call Utah home. He frequently mentions the state in his songs, flashes his driver’s license in commercials and discusses his adoration in most interviews that he undertakes.

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In a letter directed towards Post Malone, KSL Sports contributor Tom Hackett pleaded for the pop-star to take his talents to Rice Eccles Stadium with the hope he would be able to perform a mini-concert during half-time of one of the games that the University of Utah football team is hosting. Unfortunately, Malone has yet to respond to the letter and no comment has been made from the University regarding the request.

3. Utah The “Oasis”

Malone famously depicted Utah as his “oasis” in an interview that went viral with Variety. The interview, which occurred in September of 2019, revolved around his new album titled “Hollywood’s Bleeding” where he publicly accused Hollywood of having “a lot of vampires.”

While explaining why he decided to make the move from Hollywood to Utah, he referred to Utah as an “oasis.”

“I feel like a lot of people want to be somebody. They’ll use every piece, last piece they can get out of you to better themselves and not think about anybody else,” Malone said.

2. Doritos Commercial

In January of 2020, pre-pandemic, Post Malone starred in a Doritos commercial that aired the same day as the Grammy’s. During that commercial, Malone flashes his Utah driver’s license, causing mass hysteria throughout the state of Utah.

Malone is seen at the start of the advertisement taking a bite of a Limon flavored chip, his eyes turn green and music of one of his hit songs titled “Wow” starts playing. The camera quickly enters the brain of Malone through his green eyes, the chip has put Malone into a new dimension where his new name is Post Limon.

The rapper then drives down the street in a green sports car with a license plate titled “Limon”, gets a face tattoo of a Dorito chip under his left eye, before finally approaching a security guard at a nightclub flashing his Utah identification.

1. “Wow”

In December of 2018, Malone released “wow”, a song that would eventually be nominated for awards at the Teen Choice Awards and the American Music Awards.

During the second verse, Malone references the Utah snow —

“750 Lambo in the Utah Snow (Skrrt).”

Malone, who once stated that his lifestyle is best suited in Utah, is clearly a fan of the white, fluffy, dry frozen flakes that frequently fill the landscape of Utah throughout the winter months.

Furthermore, Malone has also filmed his music videos in the state.

Most famously, his song “Saint-Tropez” from his album “Hollywood’s Bleeding,” in which he showcases Big Cottonwood Canyon and the beautiful landscape that surrounds it.

The album would debut atop the US Billboard 200 before winning the favorite album category at the 2019 American Music Awards.

Many Utahn’s that are familiar with the pop-star have embraced and adopted him into the state. As depicted above, Malone plays a monumental role in showcasing the beauty that the state of Utah offers. His fame allows his loyal audience a glimpse of what the beautiful landscape of Utah offers and helps the tourism industry thrive.

Malone is often spotted throughout the state, whether it be buying cars at local car dealerships or hanging out at his favorite local establishments, Malone is seemingly unafraid of the local community within the state, a trait that is surprising considering his stardom.

Thank you for being you, Post.

Tom Hackett is a Utah and Real Salt Lake Insider for and host of the It’s Utah’s World Podcast (Utah Football themed) and The Lion’s Den Podcast (Real Salt Lake themed). Follow him on Twitter: @TomCantHackett.


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