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Rewatch Series: Greatest MLB Games To Revisit

A view outside of Fenway Park on March 19, 2020 in Boston, Massachusetts. The NBA, NHL, NCAA and MLB have all announced cancellations or postponements of events because of the COVID-19. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – This time of year baseball would be just underway as the unofficial start to summer but now we are all waiting for the go-ahead to continue sports. So, in the meantime, we are giving recommendations for games to watch.

For our MLB series, we will include all of the best games from World Series, individual feats, and other memorable games throughout baseball history.

As usual in this playlist, very few spoilers will be given if this is the first time viewing these games. Some of these links may require you to go watch on YouTube itself.

The Classics

This first group of games includes the 3-0 comeback by the Boston Red Sox over the New York Yankees from 2004, and that series proceeded the Red Sox ending the curse of the Bambino to win the World Series over the Saint Louis Cardinals in a 4-0 sweep.

2004 ALCS – Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees

2004 ALCS – Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees – Game 5

2004 ALCS – Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees – Game 6

2004 ALCS – Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees – Game 7

2003 NLCS – Florida Marlins vs. Chicago Cubs – Game 6 (Steve Bartman game)

May 17, 1979 – Chicago Cubs vs. Philadelphia Phillies (45 total runs)


The Best Of The World Series

2001 New York Yankees vs. Arizona Diamondbacks – Game 7

1975 Boston Red Sox vs. Cincinnati Reds – Game 6

1993 Toronto Blue Jays vs. Philadelphia Phillies – Game 6

1986 New York Mets vs. Boston Red Sox – Game 6

1991 World Series – Atlanta Braves vs. Minnesota Twins – Game 7

2016 Chicago Cubs vs. Cleveland Indians – Game 7

Individual Feats

May 6, 1998 – Houston Astros vs. Chicago Cubs (Kerry Wood strikes out 20)

1956 World Series Brooklyn Dodgers vs. New York Yankees Game 5 (Don Larsen perfect game – radio call)

July 24, 1983 – Kansas City Royals vs. New York Yankees (Pine tar game)

Spet. 8, 1998 St. Louis Cardinals vs. Chicago Cubs (Mark McGwire’s 62nd home run)

1988 World Series Oakland A’s vs. Los Angeles Dodgers (Kirk Gibson home run)

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