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Corner Canyon’s Austin Bell
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What Is Your Most Amazing Sports Achievement?

Corner Canyon’s Austin Bell crosses the goal line for a touchdown as Corner Canyon and Bingham play a high school football game at Corner Canyon on Friday, Aug. 30, 2019. Corner Canyon won 56-28. (Scott G Winterton, Deseret News)

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Live sports are hard to find these days unless you are into video game streams, but KSL’s UnRivaled had an idea to crowdsource the best ideas from Twitter and there are some good ones. If you missed replying the first time around feel free to reply with your best sports moment.

Some of these are totally serious and others are hilarious. For the full list read the replies from KSL Sports go check out Alex Kirry’s tweet that started it all.

KSL Sports Staff Retells Their Achievements

KSL Sports TV producer Hema Heimuli was first up on KSL’s UnRivaled to discuss his most memorable sports moment and it was when he was a fullback for Bountiful High School and he had a game where he rushed for over 100 yards in a playoff game.

“I do remember that game because I rushed for over 100 yards and scored a touchdown and it was great,” Heimuli said.”I had a great game and thought I would be getting the ball a lot more the rest of the season, but that was not the case. The rest of the season I rarely touched the ball, but that was one of the best games of my life.”

Another KSL Sports member in Sam Farnsworth joined KSL’s UnRivaled to chat about his favorite sports achievement. His achievement had to do with Farnsworth being a nine-year-old, who nearly won the state championships in Utah in the shot put. However, the story does not end there as he advanced to the regional round and just missed out on going to the nationals.

However, what makes this his favorite sports moment is what his mom did for him after he finished in fourth place.

“The reason this is one of my most amazing feats of my career,” Farnsworth said. “My mom thought it was so cool that she took my silver medal and my tank top jersey and framed it. It is still on the wall in her basement today. I was in college and be home with friends and she would display it to them.”

Here are more answers from the KSL Sports and KSL NewsRadio staff on their career highlight in sports and some are just bragging with amazing achievements.

Softball Feats, Bowling, and Dunks

These submissions come from user replies and are amazing with one in a kind achievements and some that are sort of silly.

There are more of these replies that can be found on the original twitter thread, plus continue to add your own if you missed out the first time around.

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