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Utah’s Newest Soccer Club, Saltair FC, Is Here To Stay

Photo courtesy: Saltair FC

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Have you heard? There is a new professional soccer club in town! Saltair FC is its name and it is making headway online. Unfortunately, you will not be able to go watch Saltair FC play live, as they do not have a stadium, players, front office or any resources, but they do have fans, and they are growing by the day.

Before you become too confused, here is what you need to know regarding Saltair FC-

They are a club that does not exist, besides on the internet. However, “fans” post made up stories and fantasize over the club’s rich history. It is hilarious.

The founder of Saltair FC is Andy Muñoz, who some may know as “Producer Andy” from the RSL Show Podcast.

“A year ago, I stumbled onto Asbury Park FC – a New Jersey brand that was a little light on marketing, same concept – has a soccer club that “you’ve never heard of.” I loved it- I was ordering hats, shirts, kits, sweaters, pins…. but all their stuff was targeted toward a New Jersey audience. About six months ago, I just decided I’d create my own “fake club” and tried to base it off something local. Always loved the Saltair, so boom,” Muñoz told KSL Sports.

“I tried to outsource the design for the crest/logo- everything I got back I did not love… so I took a crack at it and made the logo/crest I currently have. Then it’s all just been a warm reception ever since- people have been ordering stickers, pins, shirts, JERSEYS. I have a kit, can you believe that? It’s all for fun- but I really wanted to create a fun brand that was relevant to Utah and/or the west coast maybe even national?” Muñoz added.

Never Underestimate The Power Of Social Media

“But the best part- people just joining in on the joke and tweeting “fake memories” about this “fake club” with a long history here in Salt Lake.”

Saltair FC Memorabilia

Muñoz has made stickers, shirts, and even jerseys, as mentioned above. The marketing is so clever that even the KSL Sports Director Nate Dowdle had them delivered to the office!

Their shirts are also really fun and innovative. The logo is based on the old Saltair Pavilion which was originally built in 1893 and acted as the first resort on the Great Salt Lake. It was co-owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints and the Los Angeles Railway.

If You Buy Memorabilia Saltair FC Will Donate All Proceeds To Those Affected By COVID-19

On March 16, Saltair FC announced on their twitter page that for the next two weeks every purchase made on will go directly to those that are in need due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak. Pretty awesome, if you ask us!

Whether you are out of a job due to the outbreak, or within the demographic that is most at risk, you may be hearing from Saltair FC shortly.

Chances Are You See Saltair FC In The Community Soon

Lastly, if you see stickers placed on lamp posts or fans of the club walking around in their Saltair FC memorabilia, do not look shocked. The movement is happening, you may as well jump on board the ship now before it sets sail from the Saltair Pavilion and it is too late.


Tom Hackett is a Utah Football and Real Salt Lake Insider for and host of the It’s Utah’s World Podcast (SUBSCRIBE)  Follow him on Twitter: @TomCantHackett.


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