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Rudy Gobert speaks to the Media at NBA All-Star Practice (Ben Anderson, KSL Sports)
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Rudy Gobert Hits Half Court Shot At NBA All-Star Practice

CHICAGO, Illinois – Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert went through All-Star practice Saturday morning, representing the Utah Jazz while suiting up for Team Giannis at Sunday’s All-Star game. The practice represents the lone opportunity for the 12-man roster to play together before the final event of All-Star weekend. Based on limited evidence, it appears Gobert may be primed to attempt a three-point shot during the game.

The All-Star practice itself was relatively light, as Toronto Raptors head coach Nick Nurse, tasked with coaching Team Giannis was clearly intent on allowing his roster of stars to relax as much as possible while still putting on a show for the crowd at Wintrust Arena.

The team ran through a few three and five-man weave drills, before practice a few offensive sets to run during the game.

Team Giannis features incredible size between Giannis Antetokounmpo, Gobert, Joel Embiid, and Bam Adebayo. Finding time for Gobert may be difficult, though it looked like Nurse was being creative.

During one set, Nurse had Embiid coming off a Gobert ball screen as an offensive initiator with Antetokounmpo flared out to the weak side of the floor. There was also a set where after setting a screen, Gobert flashed popped to the top of the key, potentially to attempt a three-point shot.

Don’t be terribly surprised if Gobert attempts a three on a designed play from Nurse. The Raptors run offensive sets to free center Marc Gasol for open looks, and Gobert could find a similar look in the defense-averse All-Star game.

Gobert was working on threes during the pre-practice shoot around.

Mitchell spent the majority of his time conversing with teammates during the practice but did take part in a shooting contest with a young fan. Circular mats with different scores were placed at various spots on the floor and Mitchell and the fan competed shooting from those zones in an attempt to get the high score for the team.

After practice, the team gathered at halfcourt to attempt heaves from midcourt. Gobert wowed the crowd by knocking down his first attempt, banking the shot clean off the glass.

Before the practice, Gobert and Mitchell met with media from around the world to discuss everything from their trip to Chicago, to former teammates, to whether they might have information on the local of Bulls legend Michel Jordan. (Spoiler, they didn’t.)

Gobert had a large contingent of French-speaking media in his media scrum, a sure sign of pride from the proud Frenchman.

Gobert and Mitchell both spoke about the importance of representing the state of Utah as they prepare to make their All-Star debut.

Ben Anderson of KSL Sports brokedown day two of NBA All-Star Weekend on the latest episode of the Jazz Notes podcast, including additional sights from All-Star practice.

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