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Super Bowl Twitter Brings Utah Actor, Meme, Andy Reid Look-Alike Wilford Brimley Into Spotlight

Photos: Getty Images

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Wilford Brimley is known by some as the Quaker Oats guy and by others as the “diabeetus meme” guy. During the Super Bowl Twitter brought him back into the spotlight with an Andy Reid comparison.

Twitter user Ellie Schnitt asked her followers if Andy Reid, head coach of the Super Champion Kansas City Cheifs was actually the “diabeetus” guy.

Brimley quoted her Tweet, informing Schnitt he is, in fact, the “diabeetus guy.”

Schnitt responded with an apology and a “love u.”

Brimley let her know it was no big deal.

The rest of Twitter went to work putting photos of Reid and Brimley together. You can see the confusion – they do have a resemblance.

The other thing Brimley and Reid have in common is a connection to Utah.

Brimley was born in Salt Lake City, he is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and lives in Santa Clara, Utah.

Reid played college football at BYU and was later a graduate assistant for the Cougars.

Brimley is known for his role in the ’70s TV show, The Waltons. Late in his career, he became well known as a spokesperson and commercial actor for Quaker Oats.