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Scalley Received Valuable Advice From Whittingham When He Started Coaching

Utah defensive coordinator Morgan Scalley during fall camp. (Photo courtesy of Utah Athletics)

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Utah Utes defensive coordinator Morgan Scalley acknowledged head coach Kyle Whittingham during his speech at the Broyles Award ceremony.

Scalley was one of the five finalists for the award given to the top assistant coach in college football.

“SEC, Pac-12 whatever it is we have one thing in common, and that is beat Texas,” Scalley opened his speech. The Utes face Texas in the Alamo Bowl on December 31.

You can watch Scalley’s speech below.

His speech included a Forest Gump impersonation when acknowledging his wife.

“I feel like Forest Gump in a lot of ways,” Scalley said. (in Forest Gump voice) “I am not a smart man but I do know what love is.”

The Utah native told the audience why he got into the coaching business.

“I got into coaching because of gentlemen that gave me confidence, that taught me what it takes to be successful in life,” Scalley said. “From my first coach ever, my dad Bud Scalley in little league, to my high school coaches, to my college coaches Ron McBride and Kyle Whittingham, my defensive coordinator and the man that allowed me into the business.”

When he was hired on Whittingham’s staff, the Utah head coach had some advice for Scalley about the coaching profession.

“When I got into the profession,” Scalley mentioned. “Coach Whittingham pulled me aside and said ‘Morgan, understand this, there are thousands of great coaches out there, just ask them and they will tell you. But it is all about the player. We have jobs because there are football players, it’s not the other way around. The moment that you forget that, you will find yourself out of the business very quickly.'”

LSU passing game coordinator Joe Brady was honored with the 2019 Broyles Award.

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