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Kyle Whittingham
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Utah’s CFP Ranking Elicits Strong Reaction From Hosts, Analysts

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – The Utah Utes are up to #5 in the latest College Football Playoff rankings.

And KSL Sports’ Tom Hackett couldn’t be less enthused by it.

Hackett, along with Alex Kirry and Scott Mitchell from KSL’s Unrivaled, reacted to the reveal of the rankings as they came out Tuesday night on ESPN.

“I just know they’re setting [Utah] up for failure, and it’s absolute bull-dust,” Hackett exclaimed as after numbers 25-10 were revealed. “I said it last week, when Baylor was top-10, I said they’re setting [Utah] up.”

As the reveal continued, Kirry and Mitchell joined Hackett is his surprise. Florida’s spot at #9, combined with Wisconsin’s placement at #8, caught the trio by surprise.

“This is horrible!,” Hackett exclaimed, with Mitchell yelling, “No way!,” after the Badgers came across the TV screen in the 8-spot. Mitchell added, “Four spots, Wisconsin, you’ve got to be kidding me! That’s a joke!”

Utah vs. Big-12 Champion

According to Mitchell, it all comes down to the Utes getting a victory in the Pac-12 Championship Game this week vs. Oregon, combined with a Georgia loss in the SEC Championship game vs. LSU.

“They don’t want Baylor in the College Football Playoff,” Mitchell said. “Georgia loses, and Utah wins. That’s how they’re in.” Mitchell went on to say that the committee is already sending the message that Utah is the better team, despite a lack of quality wins vs. other top-25 teams.

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