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WB’s Eatery In Ogden Is A Crowd Favorite, And For Good Reason

OGDEN, Utah – WB’s Eatery has been in existence only since the first of November but has quickly become a popular, high demand, do-it everything restaurant.

Whether you are needing a warm, comforting cup of coffee or tea or a nice Latin-European inspired sit-down meal. Maybe you are late to an appointment but have not been able to get anything to eat yet, don’t worry, the bodega at WB’s will certainly suffice with many delicious options to grab on the go.

Situated in the historic Monarch building in Ogden’s Nine Rails art district, WB’s offers food and drinks for everyone, whether you are a daily neighborhood visitor, concert goer, gallery stroller, studio artist, a nine-to-fiver or a student, you will find what you are looking for with the large selection of treats at WB’s.


The experience at WB’s is unique, different than what you are used to in Ogden. The open floorplan, colorful art-filled walls, and bouncy vibe makes you want to never leave. Honestly, when you first walk through the doors you feel alive. The natural light, muttering of conversations and relaxed atmosphere will help improve your day, guaranteed.

When I visited, I was spoiled. The lovely staff brought me four dishes.

I was first treated with the Ham & Egg Toasty. An open-faced French baguette that is soft and spongy on the inside, layered with a tomato vinaigrette, arugula, romesco, shaved ham, topped with an egg cooked to your fancy. A sprinkle of salt and pepper and voila. This breakfast meal is served all day long and is a treat no matter the time of day you decide to devour it.

Photo courtesy: Josh Tilton

The Latin-European inspired menu brings out flavors that leave a lasting impression.

Which brings me to my next dish. The Chimichurri steak. A simple, yet powerful meal that has been served for generations. The steak is seared so that it has a crunchy outside, yet soft and scrumptious inside. The steak is then smothered in a homemade, generation-old chimichurri recipe that screams flavor. That is guarded by a pico de gallo vinaigrette. The idea is that for every bite of steak that you take, you also consume a small teaspoon of the pico. Flavors that just match. I’m telling you.

The cheese board was arguably my favorite dish I was fortunate enough to try. For simple reasons, I love cheese, fine meats, olives, honeycomb, mustard, and a jalapeno-cheddar spread. All of which happen to be on the meat cheese board. A perfect dish if you were to visit WB’s with a group of friends and wanted to snack over delicacies.

Just when I thought that my experience could not get any better. I was pleasantly surprised to look down in front of me and find a kitchen staple, the Churro donuts. They taste exactly how they sound. Phe-no-me-nal.

A warm donut covered in cinnamon, then splashed with a gooey caramel sauce. Don’t lie to me, I know that you’re a fan of cinnamon. Everybody is.

Other Treats Worth Mentioning

The classic at WB’s would have to be their ‘Daily’ that consists of two over-medium eggs, your choice of either avocado, herbed ham or chorizo, placed gently on an open french baguette and accompanied by a fruit skewer.

The Wb’s Burger is also a mouthful, but very satisfying. A grass-fed beef patty is wrapped in a soft and crunchy toasted bun, arugula lettuce, red onion, romesco, and torched manchego (a firm, buttery, Spanish cheese). A good bun and patty combination is key to making a delicious burger, at WB’s you cannot go wrong ordering this savory meal.

Salads also play a big role in the WB’s Latin-European infused menu. Whether you elect for the WB’s – strawberries, blueberries, chopped kale, coconut, pepitas with a lemon vinaigrette or the Market – field greens, beets, herbed cheese, onion carrots, cherry tomato with a grapefruit vinaigrette or the Tin Can Tuna – flaked albacore salad, mixed greens, hard-boiled egg, tomato, olives with a chili lemon vinaigrette. Options-a-plenty if you are feeling like filling your stomach with green goodness.

Catering Options

At WB’s they make your life easy. No matter what you want catered, they can make it for you. It does not have to be on their menu. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it. So, if you are feeling like having a party catered with taco’s, they will do it for you. Maybe you are in need of catering to a wedding reception and want a spread with sliders, fries, fruit and cheese boards, they can also do that for you.

It does not matter what you want. If you want it, they will make it for you.