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Opinion: Kaepernick’s Voice Would Be Loudest On An NFL Field

Colin Kaepernick makes a pass during a private NFL workout held at Charles R Drew high school on November 16, 2019 in Riverdale, Georgia. Due to disagreements between Kaepernick and the NFL the location of the workout was abruptly changed. (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – If Colin Kaepernick wants to play in the NFL, he needs to focus on playing football, but, does he actually even want to be playing football anymore?

If he really wanted to play he would have shown up to the planned workout. Regardless of whether you trust the NFL or not, just show up and do your thing.

There is one time in your life to play in the NFL and that time is now. There is no tomorrow, next year or even next week. The NFL train moves on without you in a New York minute if you don’t climb aboard and ride it as long as you can.

You will get too old, the physical skill to play goes away and your relevance quickly fades.

After playing quarterback in the NFL for 12 years, my contract expired and I was not resigned by any team. I spent the next two years begging and pleading to get one more shot. I would have killed to have one team work me out. I don’t care if the workout was a sham, hastily put together or not well attended.

If Kaepernick wants to make a change in the world he should do whatever he has to do in order to get back on the football field.

His relevance would be at an all-time high and the platform he would have would be worldwide. His voice would be heard by not only his supporters but his distractors as well. The better he played to bigger the voice.

When Kaepernick pulled his media stunt last week by not showing up to an NFL free agent workout he really blew it. Yes, it was a stunt on his part to circumvent a legitimate and important opportunity.

Does he not realize how hard it is to get chances like these? His reason for the change of venue was about transparency, he doesn’t trust the NFL.

Kaepernick doesn’t get to dictate terms when he is auditioning for a job. No company in the world would let you tell them where you are going to interview let alone let you video it and share it with the world. His workout was a job interview and nothing else.

If Kaepernick doesn’t trust the NFL – he should get in line.

The league has been lying to players for years and will continue to lie for years to come. The NFL only cares about you when you are playing. Every coach will lie to you. You should know this about football. Don’t take it personally, just do your job and things will be fine.

The NFL also doesn’t care if you kneel for the anthem – if you can win you are in.

I want to be clear that I’m not an anti-Kaepernick guy. I believe you should stand up for yourself and what you believe in. I did this during my time in the NFL at great peril to myself.

I was a named plaintiff in the lawsuit that gave players free agency. I could have been blackballed but I stood up for what I believed. I did, however, realize that playing on the field was the best place to stand up for myself.

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