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World’s Best Lobster Rolls Served Shore To Door In Salt Lake’s Trendy 9th & 9th District

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – Who would have thought the world’s best lobster rolls existed in Utah? Well, they do. Freshies Lobster Co. and owners Lorin and Ben Smaha have created a lobster roll that is nothing short of amazing.

The simple, yet delicate lobster roll is worth its weight in gold.

In July of 2017, some six months after opening their first restaurant in Park City, Lorin and Ben made the red-eye trip to Portland, Maine to compete in the inaugural Down East Magazine Lobster Roll Cook-Off where they took first place, beating 11 other competitors and being crowned “World’s Best Lobster Roll.”

Photo courtesy: Josh Tilton

After originally starting their business on the streets of Park City where they worked their magic providing lobster rolls to those that attended the weekly Sunday market, they eventually had enough demand to buy a food truck. Two restaurants and two food trucks later, Freshies Lobster Co. rules the lobster roll world.

What Makes The Roll Special

It is simple. So simple it’s scary.

A fresh, soft New England split hot dog bun that they ship in from the East Coast is toasted on a flat grill.

The lobster is coated and marinated in melted butter while the bun is turning golden brown.

Once the bun is finished grilling, a very light, thin spread of mayonnaise is placed on either side of the bun.

The lobster is then put in place – overflowing on either side.

Freshies’ secret seasoning is what separates this lobster roll from the rest. A secret blend of seasonings is gently sprinkled on top of the lobster.

When I asked Lorin what went into the seasoning, she was quick to tell me that it was a secret. Although, any other question I had regarding the assembling of the lobster roll was answered.

To go along with the idea of simplicity, the roll is accompanied by crinkle-cut Cape Cod salted potato chips.

The lobster is soft and spongy. The bun is buttery and chewy. The salt and seasoning creates a blend of flavors inside your mouth that you’ve never tasted before.

This article will never be able to do the taste and flavor of the lobster roll justice. You have to try it to believe me.

Photo courtesy: Josh Tilton

‘From Shore To Door In 24’

They use the saying from ”shore to door in 24” because the lobster you eat at Freshies is roughly 24 hours old. Meaning, that the day before you eat the lobster it was swimming on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean just 24 hours ago.

When the lobster is caught, it is quickly sealed in airtight packaging and placed on ice but never buried.

The lobster is never frozen.

As the day goes on, the lobster grabs a boarding pass and jumps on a plane. The plane arrives in Salt Lake City during the early hours of the day and is picked up by a delivery truck.

That delivery truck has one destination, and one destination only.

Freshies Lobster Co.

All of this happens before 11 a.m. The time Freshies opens its doors.

Other Options

You can get more than just lobster rolls at Freshies, but I don’t think you should go away from their stellar staple.

Lobster sliders that consist of 2.5oz of lobster, brown butter, chives and mayo with two slider buns are a delicious treat that will keep you more than satisfied.

If you are heading to Freshies but don’t quite feel like eating lobster. The Grilled Cheese is sure to have you wanting more. SeaHive Cheddar cheese, a type of cheddar made with pasteurized milk is made by Beehive Cheese Company based in Utah.

The multiple salad options are also a treat when you feel like staying away from the buttery lobster roll. Whether you go with the Lobster Lettuce Cups that consist of lobster, sriracha aioli, guacamole, mango and creamy cilantro sauce wrapped in bibb lettuce or the Maine-iac Salad that involves mixed organic greens, blueberries, aggiano cheese, maple pecans thrown in a maple balsamic dressing.

Of course, you cannot have a seafood restaurant and not have Clam Chowder. Freshies New England Clam Chowdah includes a 12oz bowl with cream, clams, potatoes and oyster crackers. The Lobster Bisque is also a crowd favorite.

The choice may be difficult, but you are sure to find something that will blow your mind and palette at Freshies Lobster Co.